Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's All Debbie's Fault!

Yes, it is indeed all the fault of Debbie of Homemaking Dreams... not only did she make a darling mug rug... she found the perfect mug to go with it!

Debbie shared where she found the mug and off I went to find me one!  The two "Hope" mugs left on the shelf were slightly damaged but the "Joy" mug was perfect!


It looks kinda peachy in this photo but it's more mauve.  The mug and mug rug went in yesterday afternoon's mail to a cousin who is a breast cancer survivor.

Now, I'm gonna have to try making flying geese... I haven't done that before... and YES, that's all Debbie's fault too!     *lol*


  1. What a beautiful couples in beautiful collors.
    Good luck with your flying geese.
    I made them one's on paper and it works well.
    Have a nice weekend, Roos

  2. What a pretty gift set! I'm sure it will be loved :)

  3. How sweet. Now you have to tell us where you found the mug. Love your mug rug.

  4. You are braver than I.... somehow I don't think Flying Geese and I will become fast friends. But I promise to try next fall.... hold me to that!

  5. I was so excited to see your Joy mug rug! I have been trying to get into the sewing room all day to work on mine. I'm sure the recipient will love your set! They may have the other color mugs as some different DG locations.

    Your pink mug rug will give me some inspiration for how to make mine! Its gorgeous.

    Thanks, Debbie J.

  6. Love your mug rug set, very pretty and I'm sure it will be much appreciated and loved by the recipient.
    Flying geese aren't too difficult so give them a try.

  7. You can do the flying geese! I love the mug rug and Joy cup - please do tell where you found it- Thank you!

  8. Makes a perfect gift set...add some goodies or a small package of flavored coffee to the mug. Pack of Camels, coordinating custom made "beanie" ash tray...Perfection!