Thursday, April 21, 2011

KF Sandwich

The backing is sewn together and the quilt sandwich is made.  A lot of smoothing needs to go on but I'll work on that each time I walk by.  There was a bit of natural light available so I thought I'd take another couple of photos...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I won another give-away!  Am I lucky or am I lucky!

Amy of Interlocking Squares is spring cleaning and decluttering and offered four Schnibbles quilt patterns by Miss Rosie's Quilt Co....  and I won the "Imagine" pattern!

The pattern is charm pack-friendly and finishes at 37"x37"...  I'm already thinking about fabrics and colors!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm on the email list for an online quilt fabric emporium and I received notification of a fabric line that will be released in September 2011....

"Terrain" by Kate Spain for Moda Fabrics

I love... with a capital "L"... Love the colors!!!  However, the yardage will be $10.75...  and the jelly roll will be $39.00...   


  1. Lucky you, I have a couple of Schnibbles patterns but haven't made anything from them yet.
    I love the new Kate Spain line, gorgeous colours.
    I don't want to make you feel bad for sighing about the price, but we pay $22 a metre for Moda here, about $47 for a jelly roll and $15 for a charm pack. That's why I buy so much of my fabric online.

  2. Each time I see that quilt it became more beautiful. Yes you are lucky, it,s a great patern.
    And that fabricline is just gorgeous.
    Have a nice day, Roos

  3. I love your quilt!!!
    Yes, we were warned that the price of cotton was going up because of the poor cotton crops last year. A lot of farmers lost money on cotton crops because of the weather. I know my brother in law didn't want to risk it this year and didn't plant cotton. We may be seeing the beginning of a big jump in the price of our fabrics.

  4. Your quilt is gorgeous no matter what kind of light its in. Congrats on winning the pattern.

  5. Your top is just gorgeous!!!! Can't wait to see it quilted!

  6. Love your top!!! But seriously - did you have to show me that fabric???

  7. Your quilt top is beautiful! The white makes the bright colors in the triangles pop. I look forward to seeing a picture of this one quilted.
    I agree with Marg. The new Kate Spain line is beautiful.