Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First Day Back

Spring break is wonderful but it is oh so hard to pop out of bed and head back to work after it's over.  Was a good day overall, everything went smoothly... but I'm pooped and decided to hold the sofa down (it gets rowdy at times) and watch another installment of Monarchy.

Interesting series so far... the first four episodes covered from the Dark Ages up through Henry II.  

I did receive a nice squishy in the mail...  50 Kaffe Fassett charm squares for the HST quilt I started.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In celebration of her 200th blog post, Stray Stitches is having a give-away for a $25 gift certificate to The Fat Quarter Shop!

I don't know about you... but I would have so much fun with that gift certificate....


  1. Love the Kaffe Fassett charm squares!

  2. I absolutely love Kafe Fassett fabrics! Have fun!

  3. Glad your week went well. And I hope your "I.E.P" season goes well. (In Ohio our kids get Individualized Educational Plans. Or that's what they are called this week.....)

    I need to mail order some fabric for a nice surprise to myself. Or better yet, win some!

  4. Love the Kaffe Fassett charm squares. Accidentally bought some last week.

  5. The Kaffe Fassett Charm squares are beautiful. Love them.

  6. I love your new fabrics! So pretty! My couch gets unruly too, it is good of you to tame it every once in a while!