Friday, February 28, 2014

Wavy Quilting

It's been a busy week and quilting when I get home from work hasn't always worked out; however, I'm about two-thirds of the way finished quilting this project.


I'm using a variegated Superior Thread for the quilting; the name of this thread color is "Cleopatra"...  I think it goes very well with all the bright colors in this jelly roll.

I'm doing wavy line quilting and going to town with it.  It does get boring after a while so breaks are necessary.

I pieced the back using mostly sage green solid with two smaller sections of solid remnants... one a limey green and the other yellows... because I was determined to use only stash!  I even like the variegated thread on the solid fabrics.    I'm getting there...


  1. I always love your wavy quilting, Freda, and it's just gorgeous in the variegated thread. Fabulous! :o)

  2. The Queen of the Nile would have loved this quilt. The quilting looks like lazy water.

  3. You are getting there, and it will be a great finish!!

  4. Lovely quilt.

  5. You chose the perfect thread and quilting pattern for this top! I have this thread, and been holding out for just the right top to use it on.