Monday, February 10, 2014

Quilt Show Road Trip

A couple of summers ago, my friend Deborah and I attended the AQS quilt show in Knoxville TN.  

We had a blast...  and I'm ready for another quilt show.  Well, surprise, surprise... the AQS quilt show this summer will be in Charlotte NC.   Wooo hooo!

Not only is Charlotte an easy 2-hr drive for me, it's "next door" to Gastonia, home of Mary Jo's Cloth Store (link)!!!  If it's fabric or related to fabric of any type whatsoever, Mary Jo's has it.

Quilt show + Mary Jo's?   I'm in!   Unfortunately, Deborah won't be able to go with me because her nephew is getting married that weekend... but I'm sure I'll get into enough mischief for both of us!


Held downtown in the Charlotte Convention Center, the show will be near lots of good dining and other fun things to do.   

From what I could find out online, the convention floor will have lots of space for displaying quilts and vendor booths.   

If you're planning on going as well, let me know so we can meet up!


  1. Sounds like fun, Freda. Shame NC is too far for me or I'd be there in a heartbeat! :oD

  2. I wish it was an easy 2 hour drive for me (more like 2 days)! Surely someone will be going that would love your company. I know I would if I was near! Sounds like such fun!!

  3. I am planning on going with a bunch from my quilting Bee. It is about a 3 hour drive for us so we plan on an over night trip so we have time to shop Mary Jo's and So Much Fun in Gastonia. Haven't tied down our travel dates yet but I will let you know.

  4. It sounds like a great show! Are there classes? I'm not sure if I will still be in this vicinity at the time, though. I understand, but I still wish you could come to Midatlantic! I have been to Mary Jos, though, and am envious of that visit, too! I'm sure you will write all about it.

  5. Count me in.....this close just has to be! I'm going to check out the info now. We can at least meet and have lunch in between the shopping!

  6. Sounds like so much fun - but too far away from southwest Ohio.