Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter Weather Update

Today, I am thankful to have power!  The house is warm and I have a nice cuppa coffee to enjoy on this chilly morning.  The sleet has stopped with less than predicted...  ice on trees is both beautiful and scary...

One or two pine limbs falling on a power line and you have a problem... or several people have problems.

I love the lacy look of dogwoods with a coating of ice...

...and I appear to have an icicle farm on the eaves of the house!

More snow is predicted for this afternoon and I don't see schools being open tomorrow.

I will be assembling blocks into a quilt top today... staying inside, nice and warm.


  1. Winter can definitely be beautiful....and scary. Enjoy your cozy day.

  2. Ice is gorgeous--especially when it coats everything. Too bad it is so destructive. Surprisingly, we are warmer up here. We got about 2" of snow and then it warmed up and rained, dissolving all the snow. Luckily it hasn't gotten cold enough to freeze all of that water. Stay warm and enjoy your days off!

  3. It is beautiful, isn't it? So glad you don't have to go out in it--and that you still have power!! WooHoo!! Sew away, my friend! : )

  4. Yay for power! We didn't lose it either. Though instead of spending all day in the sewing hole, I had to shovel the 11 inches of snow myself. DH is doing mission work out of country (in warm weather). At least I got a project cut out. Stay warm!

  5. Very pretty pictures.........
    Enjoy your sewing !

  6. Enjoy your sewing time, Freda. Keep cosy! :o)

  7. Glad you can enjoy sewing and your cup of coffee.