Sunday, February 2, 2014

Next Quilty Project: A Table Runner

I came across a Missouri Star Quilt Company tutorial for a Disappearing Pinwheel block (link) that intrigued me so... I dug around in my charm square drawer and found a pack that would be perfect to play with.

The tutorial starts with fabric squares from two layer cakes but I used two 5" squares of two fabrics for each block, making 4 HSTs into a pinwheel, and then continued from there.  These blocks finish at 7.5 inches.

I had enough squares to make 14 blocks but I didn't care much for the remaining fabrics and a 2 x 6 block layout is plenty for the dining room table.   I like how the blocks look a little like tiles...

I started the quilting last night and hope to finish today.  I will go stash diving to see if I have anything for the binding... and then finish this table runner.  If not, my LQS is open for their annual Super Bowl Sunday sale...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Missouri Star Quilt Company also has a variation of this Disappearing Pinwheel block (link) that my blogging friend JoAnne of The Patriotic Quilter (link) recently used to make a different block.

The method is exactly the same but you orient the cut segments a little differently, ending up with a completely different block!

I love how JoAnne's quilt turned out and am tempted to make a similar one... but I may just admire hers from a far!


  1. That is a nice runner! Does look kinda tile-ish, doesn't it? : )
    I liked JoAnne's quilt and had planned on checking out the tutorial, but forgot. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I LOVE it!! Aren't you the clever one!! Hmmmmm, a certain blue and white cup and saucer would look just lovely on this, too!! LOL

    Blessings and a big ole hug!

  3. What great blocks! Looks like it was fun to assemble. I always like pinwheels!

  4. You grabbed the idea and ran with it, didn't you? Good for you, lookie what you have to show for your work! I also loved the churndash block with the pinwheel. Always happy for your shared inspiration ~

  5. Beautiful blocks, and you whipped those right out! I love how the pattern can change with a lil spin of the fun! The 2nd method blocks remind me of the old timey diver's helmets.

  6. Very nice.

    Did you make your original pinwheel the way the video did? I'm thinking that method would create a lot of biased edges....making construction a tad tricky. How did you deal with all of the stretchiness?

  7. That is a great table runner, Freda. I just sat and watched the tutorial. If it wasn't bedtime here, I might have gone and tried it! :o)

  8. You made a beautiful runner - a nice thing to do on Super Bowl Sunday.

  9. Now that is very pretty! Biggest coaster I've ever done saw!