Saturday, February 15, 2014

De-winter Eventing the Car

Yesterday, I pulled on my boots and ventured outside to remove the snow and ice from my car.   This photo was taken before the second snowfall on Thursday.   If you look closely, you can see the ice on top of the snow... the pine trees are reflected in the icy surface.

Sleet does a very good job of packing down snow so it was a bit of a challenge to clear off the car.  First, it was necessary to break up the ice and get that off before tackling the snow.   

Then I figured out a trick!   You could push the snow off the car and then break up the ice!

The area between the roof of the car and the bottom of the ice/snow pack was about 5 inches.  With the sun shining thru the ice chunks, you could clearly see the ice layer and the snow pack below it.

I was able to clear off the car but I will be wearing my boots to get into the car because of all the ice chunks that fell on top of the snow on the driver's side... despite my trying to push it all to the other side.

Maybe I'll get adventurous here in a bit and grab the shovel...



  1. We never get snow like that here - thankfully! Be careful out there, Freda! :o)

  2. And then came the rain.....last night we got light rain and warmer temps, so a lot of melting went on. Hope yours melts some before Monday!

  3. This reminds me so much of my years living in Alaska. When we arrived, we had the choice between two houses--one in the middle of a block and one on a corner. My husband wanted the one on the corner, so we choose that one. The very first time it snowed, he was gone for a week. I grabbed one of the shovels that came with the house and proceeded to shovel the driveway and the sidewalks--on both sides of the corner. All along, I was grumbling and laying the blame firmly at his feet for choosing the corner lot. The problem was that the shovel handle was too short for me and the metal shovel blade froze and the snow would stick to it. It was a disaster, but I finished. About an hour later, the snow plow came and plowed off the sidewalks!! (I didn't need to shovel them...) After my husband got home, we went to the local Walmart and I looked at shovels. I found one that had a plastic blade, was nice and light, and had a long handle. I think it was $5. My husband started questioning me saying we had a perfectly good shovel. I smiled and bought "my" shovel. I'm telling this on your post because it didn't take long for me to figure out that that plastic shovel was perfect for getting the snow off the car, too! It worked like a charm. The big issue was always, do you shovel around the car first and then shovel off the car, thus necessitating the need to reshovel around the car? Or, do you wade through the snow and clear off the car, and then shovel it all off the driveway? Whatever, it worked great. That shovel was the best 5 dollars I spent in Alaska. It didn't take too long for my husband to finally decide the old shovels couldn't compare and he used it all the time, as well. I hope your snow melts quickly! Ours is a distant memory and it nearly got to 60 yesterday.

  4. I'm so glad it doesn't snow in Darwin...........that looks like a lot of work.
    I hope it melts soon and Spring comes sooner...........

  5. That seems to be quite a bit of snow for your area, am I right?

  6. Looks treacherous, Freda! Be careful out there!!

  7. Ice-packed snow is so difficult to work with. Our car is parked in a garage but the bottom edge of the driveway was thick with ice. I got my teenage grandson to chip away at it with a hoe and finally got it cleared. We expect weather like this occasionally in southwest Ohio, but it must be awfully hard to deal with in your area.

  8. Oooh I hate when you get ice and snow. Be careful and I hope it melts quickly. Hugs

  9. Wow, Hope you took care out there working hard in the snow!!! I thought of you often as we watched the weather!

    Blessings and hugs!