Sunday, January 5, 2014

What Next?

I finished the last of the 7ft lined curtain/drape panels and am glad to have that project done!  I'm thinking I have appx 2 hours labor in each panel for a total of 8 hours.

In case anyone is interested, I did not use twin sheets from Walmart for the lining.  
You may save a few bucks but you would increase the amount of labor
unpicking all the seams and cutting the sheets to fit the width of the outer fabric.

Next up is a quick baby quilt for a coworker who is expecting a daughter the end of January.  She and her husband already have three boys and this will be the first girl born into her husband's family in several generations.   I imagine they received a LOT of pink, girly-girl stuff for the holidays....


  1. Thank you for the update on the curtain panels. And the link to the website instructions in your last post. I need to do something about my curtains ... eventually.

  2. Good plan on the girly quilt, you know even the boys will appreciate the difference of a sweet baby sister added ~

  3. Great job on the curtains! I really, really love that sweet vintage baby illustration, too. That was always the dream I had for a baby girl. All that pink satin and ribbons and lace. It isn't very practical, though! Luckily I got my sweet daughter, but she slept in something infinitely more "washable."

  4. Congrats on finishing the curtains, Freda. Looking forward to seeing the baby quilt. :o)

  5. Curtains look good! I'll send the fabric over for mine soon. : )
    Won't a baby girl quilt be a fun change after the curtains?

  6. Such a nice project to have finished!! Over the past year I hemmed (all four sides) of drapes and table cloths for our church. There were a total of about 60. I was so glad to be done with that project!!

    Happy stitching on the baby quilt! I'm sure it will be adorable!1


  7. I also love the vintage baby print. I know you'll come up with something wonderful for the new little girl.

  8. Curtains look great! Thanks for the link to the tutorial.