Friday, January 3, 2014

First Sewing Project for 2014

As a school employee, I am required to wear an ID badge when at work for safety reasons.  Since I'm itinerant (assigned to 3 schools that I visit weekly), I have six work-related keys... three for office doors and three for the file cabinet in each office.

World's worst photo... sorry!

Because I wear this every day for 11 months, it's gotten a bit worn.... so it's past time for a new one.  Part of the delay was I loved this fabric and, not having anymore, had to decide on what fabric to use. 

To make a lanyard....  in case anyone would like to make one... all you need is a 2.5" strip of fabric, coordinating thread, and a 7/8th inch strip of batting.  

Press your fabric strip in half lenth-wise and then lay the batting along the fold line.

Fold the fabric edge over the batting and press.   Then pin the other side, folding under the raw edge.

Stitch 1/8th inch from the folded edges.  I do this by shifting the needle one notch to the right... my machine has this option... and using a regular presser foot.  This allows me to line up the folded edge with the inside of the foot and makes it easier to sew straight.

Repeat top-stitching on the other side.

You could sew the raw ends of the 2.5" strip together before inserting the batting but I prefer to wait to sew the ends together because... I attach the ends so that the folded edge of one end is matched with the folded-under-edges of the other end.  This makes the bottom of the lanyard to lie flat.   Hard to describe but I prefer it this way.


I use a D-ring to attach my ID badge and a plastic badge holder, which holds a card with PINs and other information related to work, including emergency contact info in case of an emergency.

In addition to three office keys and three file cabinet keys, I also carry a flash drive (I don't want to lose 15 years of templates and this year's work if my laptop goes down... like it did mid-September 2013!) and a pen.   Every thing I need for work so I don't have to load up my pockets or hunt for stuff in my purse.  

New year... new lanyard!   It's a good thing....


  1. And a very stylish new lanyard! Makes me wish I needed to make one! : )

  2. Very pretty,

    My husband has to wear a lanyard every day but his is supplied as part of his uniform. Their lanyards have three break points in case a customer tries to strangle them!

  3. Love the print for this year's lanyard. A color to match a kinds of outfits!
    Thanks for the tut.

  4. Thanks for the tute! What beautiful Kaffe colors! This fabric pattern is either Paperweight or Roman Glass. Imma say Roman Glass. Love me some KF :-)

  5. Good tutorial, and your new fabric is sure pretty! So, is that your first finish for 2014? That's pretty good!

  6. Duh, so I notice the title of the about not noticing all the print ;-/

  7. A very good thing and a very good tutorial.

  8. Ooo- I may have to remember this for the teachers in my life. Thank you for the tutorial!