Saturday, January 4, 2014

Second Sewing Project for the Year

My DIL asked if I could make new curtain panels for her.   So... here are two of four 7ft lined panels...

If anyone is interested, I am using THIS TUTORIAL to make the panels...  very easy this way.


  1. This intrigued me because I can never find curtains the size and color I want. But, wow, when I read the tutorial I was pretty sure it wouldn't happen any time soon at my house. Your DIL is lucky to have you!! : )
    Looks like you did a great job!

  2. You have been very industrious! And the fruits of your labor are turning out very nice.

  3. That was a great tutorial. I also read the one about doing the "fake" pinch pleats and the cheap-o curtain rod. Brilliant! But getting back to your project, the fabric is gorgeous. Are you also using walmart sheets to line them?

  4. How neat! I pinned the directions, thank you. I think she will love her custom made drapes, at a fraction of the cost of other ones, plus all that love you are putting in there for her ~

  5. They're going to be beautiful, but, oh my, the work involved. I hope you'll post pictures of them after they're hung.