Thursday, January 2, 2014

Quilts Recap

I did finish the homespun stars quilt before Christmas... yea, me!

My brother-in-law Hank was both surprised and pleased with it!

My sister Carol sent a photo of the quilt on Hank's chair when they got home from their visit.   The chair is new and I've not seen it... so I think I done good coordinating the fabrics to his new chair.

My brother-in-law Monty was also surprised and pleased with his quilt.

It seems my sister Eleanor reads my blog...  I didn't know that.... but didn't spill the beans to her DH so the quilt was truly a surprise.   Monty was asking about how to hang it on the wall and planning who he needs to show it too.

Guess what my sister Eleanor gave me....

....I love it!


  1. Hank's quilt looks perfect on his new chair--you did "done good"! : )
    Your quilting angel is beautiful--very special gift!

  2. The guys look like they love their quilts. That one on the chair looks like it was custom made for it! The quilting angel is a perfect gift for you.

  3. Love your quilting angel.........
    And the quilts were a success.......!!!!!

  4. What a wonderful Christmas! I really enjoyed seeing your finished quilts with their recipients. I had a surprise visit to my blog by my mother, who I didn't think read my blog, on the day that I shared about her Christmas present. Oh well! Happy New Year!!!

  5. Beautiful quilting angel, and so appropriate. Isn't it a nice feeling when the recipient of a handmade gift is genuinely appreciative!

  6. Beautiful finish! Congrats on getting the quilts done. They are lovely and a treat to see the happy recipients!

  7. I'm glad your brothers-in-law liked their quilts, Freda. And your sewing angel looks just like you, I'm sure! :o)

  8. BILs are always surprised to get anything. Even my SIL was surprised to get a quilt...
    You done good, Girl! They are lovely and very masculine.
    Love your Quilting Angel, too. Nice gift - does it look like you?

  9. Great job on both of them. You did great matching his chair, you must have ESP! I have that same angel that a friend gave me many years ago. I really like Jim Shore figurines and I have a small collection. She's one of my favorites. Happy New Year.

  10. I do not think Hank's chair could have been matched any better, and both of those quilts are perfect gifts for the men of the family. The angel is so pretty, what a special gift for such a generous lady ~

  11. The quilts are perfect!!! I'm so glad the guys liked them!! Ya done good!!

    What a beautiful quilting angel - perfect for you!!