Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Doll Beds Recap

The girls were pleased with their doll beds...   I didn't wrap them and let the girls pick the one they wanted.

Their dolls spent a lot of time in the beds, snuggled under the quilts.

However, these beds had a difficult time competing with a tablet and a Barbie camper...

 I did have Emma pick out some fabrics to make a sleeve for her new tablet.... and she even did the quilting!

No pattern... I just winged it with the tablet on the ironing board next to the machine...

...I think it turned out well.   Emma was pleased with it!

Then, to be fair....  I had my daughter pick out some fabric and made her a sleeve for her Kindle Paperwhite reader.

She liked it too!

Now my girls have a nice protective sleeve for their new electronics...


  1. I'm glad they liked their doll beds.
    And a great job on the tablet have a budding quilter in the making.
    Have a Happy New Year ......!!!!!!!

  2. Those beds look so great under the tree! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Happy new Year!

  3. Great job on the electronics sleeves and the doll linens! I bet the girls' memory of the doll beds will greatly outlast and be more special than all the other store bought gadgets!

  4. The doll beds are so sweet!
    My goodness, you can do anything you set your mind to. The sleeves look great. I'd better not let DH see this. He has so many electronic devices, I'd be sewing sleeves the rest of the year!! *LOL*
    Happy New Year, Freda!

  5. Your labor of love is evident: The dolls tucked in their beds almost brought a tear. Emma is learning early and she seems so confident even in the photo. And my oh my, is that a Kaffe print I spy? The lady has good taste! Happy New Year Freda!

  6. So glad the dolls have a lovely place to lay their heads. Looks and sounds like a wonderful Christmas. have a Happy and Healthy 2014.

  7. The doll beds and quilts are wonderful! And the tablet sleeves...I do believe I'll follow your lead and make one for myself this weekend!

    Happy New Year!

  8. I showed my 31 year old daughter your granddaughters' dolly beds and she was so jealous! I think I might be a wee bit jealous too! Great job on those and on the covers for the electronic things. :o)

  9. sounds like they all had a lovely Christmas