Friday, April 5, 2013

Stars # 5 - 12

While sewing the large star blocks together, I pondered over fabric combos for the 16 small stars...  and decided to make two small blocks to match each of the larger star blocks...  one being the reverse of the large star combo.

It was actually easier to make two blocks at a time since I could chain piece...

...and I did a little fussy cutting to get a flower in the center of some of the smaller stars.

I'm thinking of making two each of the last eight stars like these...   one being the reverse combo.

After the second set of eight star blocks are complete....


...all sixteen small stars will get a variety of fabric strips added to make them 16.5" (or 16" finished) to match the large star blocks.

I'm getting there...


  1. I've been watching you make these beautiful stars. They are going to make a beautiful quilt.

  2. Aren't you having fun? Will the strips around the stars be solids or prints?

  3. It always amazes me how different the very same block can look just using different fabrics or fabric combinations. Your stars are all lovely.

  4. Looking good. You are an a roll too. Hugs

  5. I absolutely love these blocks. The finished quilt will be amazing.

  6. I love the mini versions of the big stars, Freda. What a great idea! :o)

  7. You have a wonderfully vintage modern quilt in the making. I do love your ideas of mixing colors and sizes it the stars. It will be a sweet quilt!

  8. Love the idea of reversing the stars - I had never thought of that.

  9. Reversy! What a great idea, and I think they're adorable.