Sunday, January 27, 2013

Too Many Changes of Plans

What a bunch o' fun the past two days!  First, the early arrival of the winter weather event had school called off early on Friday...   which was smart of the head honchos at the Central Office since it was very cold and the sleet was coming down pretty fast.  When I switched from defrost-only to defrost-and-feet... the moisture on the windshield started freezing, even with the blower on high.   I gave up on having warm feet and went back to defrost-only and made it safely home.

The walk was icy...

...and although the roads had been salted...

...the sleet was winning out.

No snow... that's all sleet!

In spite of it being FNSI Friday night, I was in bed early... most likely with an incipient cold.

Another nap yesterday morning probably helped ward the cold off...  I hope.     No sewing...  but hopefully, I'll get to do a little today...

Hard to believe it will be in the 70s on Tuesday and Wednesday....   that's NC weather for you!


  1. Ooh, want a short week you had with a holiday Monday too! I hope you're not getting a cold. The weather is weird here too but warm weird since we are in summer! Yesterday was 95*, today is only 77*!

  2. We got ice here in Winston Salem, too. Weather man says we will have another ice storm here tomorrow evening. Then warm Wednesday. Such odd weather.
    I started cutting and piecing my DP9 patch quilt this evening. I'm going to be very happy with this quilt : )
    Hope you don't come down with the flu that's going around.

  3. That looks very slippery over there. Over here it rains right now but the last 10 days or so we had freezingweather too. Yesterday morning it was freezing 6 degrees Celsius and now it's 4 degrees Celsius. Strange weather....
    Hope you're having some quiltingtime today.

  4. I hope your cold doesn't come to anything, Freda. Keep cosy in all that yucky icy weather!

  5. It's good to see you! I was getting concerned since our FNSI chat ~ glad you're taking good care and soon be fit as a fiddle! No ice here, just cold.

  6. I hope you can escape the cold. No fun when they win the battle. : ).
    Hasn't weather been strange all over? After about 3 weeks of arctic temps, we warmed up Thursday and had freezing rain. Talk about a sheet of ice! We haven't had that in about 20 years. People were falling and breaking bones all over the place!

  7. I'm so glad you made it safely home! Winter weather can be so treacherous! Hope your early to bed with warm comfort-drink made your health and your weekend better!

  8. Oh, I hate ice. We managed to avoid it over the weekend in the Cincinnati area. We're looking forward to a couple of days in the 60s, but with a lot of rain.