Sunday, January 6, 2013


One of our D9P QAL participants emailed me to inquire about the rules...  and I suppose I should give some thought to those.

Start date:   I plan to start when my baby is repaired and home again, which I HOPE will be by the end of January.  However, I do not plan to make anyone wait on that happening.   Start when you're ready.

Do I have to sew so many blocks per day/week?    Nope.  Make progress towards your finish at your own pace.

End date:  The goal of this QAL is to have a finished quilt.   Life happens to all of us.   The end date will be when you finish.   

So the "rules" for this QAL are: 
  • we're making the same quilt (disappearing 9 patch),
  • we share photos of our progress,
  • we offer encouragement and support to others in the QAL,
  • we all end up with cool quilts, and
  • we have fun!   

Work for you?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If you're thinking about joining in the QAL and are in the market for charm packs, Crazyquiltgirl has charm packs ON SALE now thru January 14th!   I've ordered from CQG in the past and have received great service... so she comes highly recommended!


  1. Works for me! After spending most of the day cleaning out my crammed file cabinet, I took some time to pull out a few options for the QAL...still can't decide, but I'm happy that I have choices! Btw, I found some of those adorable Penelope charm packs on Artfire.

  2. I hope you get your baby back soon (didn't we go through this in 2012)?

  3. I clicked through to look at Crazyquiltgirl's site and then immediately clicked back again. I must NOT buy more fabric. I must NOT buy more fabric. I must NOT buy more fabric. :oD

  4. What perfect timing you have! Last year I cut denim squares for a D9P, and they are calling to me. If you don't mind my having the "oddball" fabric, I'll follow along, too!
    Your "rules" rule!

  5. Those are rules I can live with. I imagine you are using 5" squares, maybe I can get some of those cut since I will be using yardage. Haven't decided what my center will be.

  6. Greetings! I'm Cynthia's cousin and I'm going to try to play too! My baby is going in for repairs so I'm hoping to get it out in time!!! Fun!!

  7. Those rules work for me :D
    I want to finish Easy Street first. Should be ready to work on DP9 about the time you get your baby back.

  8. Hoping to join in on the QAL as soon as I finish up another quilting project. I've always wanted to try the disappearing nine patch. Looks like fun:)