Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I've enjoyed all the good wishes for the coming year and, looking back on this past year, I hope 2013 will be a much better one for me.  The last part of 2012 wasn't so great...  a bad bout of pneumonia followed by five fractured ribs and a fractured thumb.  These put me behind on quilt projects that needed to be finished by the end of December....   I finished up my Christmas quilt and enjoyed it during the holidays.

...and I finished the quilt for my brother's 60th birthday just before Christmas...

Now, I just had to quilt and bind my nephew's quilt.  I worked diligently on quilting "Fish Camp, Trout Pond" and was down to the last six inches of the border...

...when I ran over a basting/safety pin that had somehow got hung up on the bottom of the quilt.   *kachunk*

After I calmed down, I used pliers and wire cutters to get the basting pin out of the machine.   I worked on the machine and realized that the hook was no longer catching the upper thread on its trip around the bobbin...   *sigh*       

Ever resourceful (and desperate to finish the quilt), I pulled out my first sewing machine, which hasn't been used in 20 years.... and gave it a good cleaning and oiling, working to make sure the oil got where it needed to go.

 Sewing with this old baby, I was reminded exactly why I decided that a new machine was necessary, not just a "wish" or a "luxury"...   oy!    However, I was able to finish the quilting on the border and had three-fourths of the binding attached to the quilt when....    *kachunk*

I gave up gracefully...  but I think the fact that my daughter and granddaughters were here kept me from a venting session.   I presented the quilt to my nephew, who loved it, and promised him that, as soon as my machine was fixed, I'd finish the quilt and mail it to him.

So, on New Year's Eve, my friend Deborah and I made a road trip up to Raleigh to drop off my baby to be repaired and to be cleaned/serviced at the same time.   Bernina World of Sewing had a half-off Christmas fabric sale and I couldn't resist buying two panels of "Sentiments" by Moda.  I have no idea what I'll do with it but I'm sure I'll think of something.

After a delicious lunch at The Cheesecake Factory at Crabtree Valley Mall...

...we stopped by JoAnn's with coupons in hand!   I had used up the last of my batting for the "Fish Camp, Trout Pond" quilt and found that it was on sale for 50% off... plus I had a "10% off your entire purchase" coupon as well!

Not very exciting but much needed!   The batting will be transferred to the card board roll for easy storage.

While I won't be sewing until my machine is fixed and retrieved, I will spend time in my sewing room... straighten it up, reorganizing, and working on getting all the fabric scraps sorted into the bins.   It needs doing...   


  1. That must have been very frustrating. Sometimes the best intentions are derailed by real life.

  2. Oh no! Two machines down at the same time.
    Beautiful quilts.
    I've been to that Cheesecake Factory :D
    Let's hope 2013 will be a better year.

  3. I had to laugh at the "I gave up gracefully" bit. I bet you said a few wee sweary words in your head!! I know I would have! :oD

  4. Oh, your poor machine.......
    I'm with Anne on the swear words.....I would have said more than a few.
    I hope you get it back soon.

  5. Love the shopping to re-stash after the machine event.....great way to soothe that frustration. Hope there is not too much damage. Love an older machine for straight piecing but forget it for anything else. wonderful Christmas quilt finish.

  6. The quilts are gorgeous! And that new fabric with the vintage greeting cards is fantastic! I'm going to look for that! Here's hoping 2013 treats you nicer.....with no injuries or have too much you want to do! :o)

  7. Oh my, you really had a go of it. I'm glad you had a back up for a while but sorry it didn't last long enough. Don't you just hate it when life happens in between all the planning??? Now is a good time to rethink and organize and get back on track for when you get your machine back. I made a quilt with the Sentiments greeting card line and it turned out really pretty. I made it with the pattern that they gave me with the fabric. I have a few squares left over from it and I plan on making some mug rugs or little quiltlets with them for next season. Take care and have a wonderful 2013! I'm looking forward to a fresh start myself and getting lots of quilting done for this year!

  8. Oh,no! I am so sorry to hear about your machine(s)! Hope it gets fixed and serviced very, very quickly. You've many a quilt to be making!

  9. Ewwww, you do need a better year, don't you?

  10. Sorry to hear about the machine problem! I had a similar thing happen to me Christmas 2011. :/

    I also enjoyed your story behind "Impera Magna." Too cute!


  11. I can't believe you're back to struggling with Bernina to get your machine fixed. Deja vu - or something.

  12. Sounds like you have had a rough couple of months. Hopefully better days are ahead. Wishing you a blessed 2013!

  13. I like the groovy stitching on the Fish/Camp quilt!