Wednesday, January 9, 2013

D9P Fun!

I've made one D9P quilt for a friend's new baby using a charm pack and some yardage from the same line...

...and, if you've made a D9P before, you know that fabric selection, layout of the nine-patches, and block arrangement can make a difference in the end product.  Using the 5" squares from one charm pack, Kelly's quilt has a scrappy look.  However, if you use fewer fabrics...

Photo from Lori Blog

...and pay attention to the layout of the subcut blocks, you can end up with a quilt looking like this one:

I'm planning on yet another D9P arrangement for a quilt that ends up looking like this one:

I think a scrappy quilt in this arrangement would look cool...

...and you don't have to have the consistent cornerstones/center squares.

So many options but I know where I'm heading... once I get my baby back!


  1. When does baby get to come home?
    Hmm, I'm trying to decide which of these quilts I like best. I love scrappy quilts, but the one with a more controlled look is very nice, too.
    Very nice little baby quilt. Fun, fun, fun!!

  2. I've always loved the D9Ps with the cornerstones. I think it's because they look like they're complicated to make but really aren't. I really must make one ... one day! :o)

  3. I'm liking that striped border you did. The other day I was googling D9P designs and the last 2 you show were among the ones that came up. I like those, and will attempt that positioning. Btw, I've got yer D9P button ;-)

  4. OHHH, I hope your baby gets back soon. You've suffered a lot with her in the last year. Maybe time to think new machine....
    My primary machine decided to be temperamental so she (actually, I'm thinking it may be a he) is headed off to the shop this week. I hate it when I have to send one of my kids away.

  5. So many different layouts -- I would never have thought it!

  6. I really Ike that last one and don't think of it as a d9p but clearly it is! I've got a d9p in flight right now that is like your first one you showed, that is the way I've tended to do them but I like the different options one gets with a little planing!

  7. It would be hard to choose a favorite among these quilts.

  8. I'm glad to hear you will be getting your sewing machine back soon. I think you have wayyyy too much time on your hands without it!! LOL

    I have made all of the D9P's above and love all of them. I really like doing them scrappy and seeing how they turn out. Lots of fun and a good use of scraps. Have fun on the road trip getting your machine back.

  9. I've been asked to do a D9P demonstration for our church quilt group. I'm so glad I came across your blog! Love your creative quilts.