Friday, January 4, 2013

I've been thinking....

Yup, no sewing machine = lots of time to think about what all I can get into this coming year.   

Amanda of The Cozy Pumpkin has decided that 2013 will be the Year of the Stash for her and I decided that would be a good idea for me as well since I have a zillion projects that need to be done and not just sit in the stash waiting for "someday"...  whenever that is.  

My first project will be a disappearing 9-patch quilt with "a plan" using charm packs (see below) and some yardage, all from my stash.  I will have to get a yard of two of a solid neutral but... that won't be an addition to the stash since I will be using it for this project.

Moda "Penelope" by Sentimental Studios

What I was wondering was if anyone would be interested in a quilt along?   I can tell you that this quilt will be more "traditional" than "modern" in layout but that shouldn't restrict your fabric choices...and your choices will certainly impact the final design.   While I'll be using a flower-y print, I think this quilt would also be cool in solids or funky prints as well.

 Photo swiped from Valentine Quiltworks

If there is an interest, I will provide yardage and numbers of charm packs needed for various size quilts as well as instructions.  You will need charm packs (or 5" squares from scrap bins or stash), a neutral/light fabric, and a consistent fabric (medium or dark) for the center square.

Photo swiped from Jo's Country Junction

As for difficulty, a disappearing 9-patch is considered "beginner" level and your quilt top should go together easily. 

 I'm planning on a border but that will be up to you!

Start date will be whenever I get my baby back from the repair shop.   I miss my baby...



  1. I would be interested in a disappearing 9 patch quilt/sew along. I have the charms and yardage already in my stash, all bought with that intent. The project was just pushed aside while I did other things. So timely that you would suggest this idea.

  2. I would love to watch! : )
    I am just starting on clue #1 on Easy Street (I always work after the reveal), and I signed on to Lori's little SAL. I'm also trying to pull together my top from Randy's SAL, for which I just finished my blocks. I told myself I couldn't start any more. That is about the only quilting resolution I made. Just too many wonderful opportunities in blogland.

  3. Oh my! But this rosy fabric has captured my heart! Ok, now I'm forced to play ~ sign me up! I do have charm packs on hand, but prolly not more than one of a kind....great excuse to get some rosy packs, tee hee.

  4. I'll watch as well. I love to watch other people work! hee hee

    I also want to work from my stash this year. Honestly, the number of times I've thought I need this red or that blue or a 7" zip etc. etc., buy them and them find the exact same thing in my stash is ridiculous! I'm off to read how Amanda's going to do it.

  5. A quiltalong sounds like fun but unfortunately doesn't fit into my determination to make 2013 the year to finish all those UFOs!

  6. I have a shoe box full of misc. charms. Some still in packs some left overs and I'm sure I have enough creams or whites to use up as well. This is now a plan. I'm in. Thanks for the incentive.

  7. I have fallen in love with the diappearing 9 patch so I am more than interested.

    I hope your 'baby' comes home soon. I hate sending mine in to the shop because just for a cleaning where I go it's no less than 3 weeks which I think is totally unreasonable. But, I need to find another dealer for repairs because I really don't like the thought of a complete stranger putting my machine into their vehicle and driving on the interstate for about 90 miles into the Chicago area.

  8. Thank you for the referral to Amanda's "Year of the Stash," definitely something I need to do. DNP is my "go To" pattern especially for baby quilts. I'll keep following your blog and see how you quilt along goes. One of my resolutions this year was not start new quilt but finish some UFOs and kits. I think I have three unfinished quilt-alongs quilts from last year, maybe more if you count the scrap blocks I made and never made more. I have committed to Terry's Treasures: she is doing a simple Moda Bake Shop quilt, with a solid and one charm pack. I think about what I have in my stash for DNP. I'm rambling, does any of this make sense?

  9. O my, is she at the repair shop again, I hope that she stays not as long as last time....

  10. I need to use up as much fabric as I can. I don't have many charm packs, but plenty of fabric than can be cut into squares! Scrappy, scrappy, scrappy......

  11. I'll be watching this one. Hope you get your Bernina back soon.

  12. Sounds wonderful! I've never made a disappearing nine patch - I want to try. I may be a little behind as I need to finish another project - but so want to do this one!


  13. Sounds like a great idea and surprise, surprise, I already have everything I need!