Monday, January 14, 2013

Beginning the D9P Project

I was good... I finished my nephew's quilt yesterday.   After such self-discipline, I rewarded myself by making a couple of nine-patches.

After sewing 5" fabric squares together, next comes the test of your 1/4" seams!   Measure between both of the two parallel seams, horizontal and vertical.  You should have a width of 4.5".   I am pleased to say that I did get that exact measurement...   I don't want to tell you how bad I was at 1/4" seams with my first disappearing nine-patch quilt.   I was able to fudge it when I pieced the blocks together but it was not fun.

Next, we are going to cut our nine-patches into four blocks, cutting along the dotted lines shown in this photo.

To do this, place your ruler with the 2 1/4" line on the left vertical seam.  Cut.  

Next, without moving the two cut pieces, place your ruler with the 2 1/4" line on the bottom horizontal seam.  Cut.

Now, you have four blocks!   Ta da!

 Next, we will make that nine-patch disappear by turning three of the blocks to this orientation.

Orienting your blocks this way will result in a quilt top that looks like this:

...or this:

If you prefer a different look, turn your blocks to this orientation.  I believe this is referred to as the "no seams match" arrangement...  none of the seams in the smaller blocks line up with any of the seams in the adjacent blocks.

And your quilt will look like this one:

And... just to prove I really did finish my nephew's quilt:



  1. Good for you for doing your nephew's quilt first, Freda. I'm impressed! :oD

  2. Congratulations on your finish! Baby is working hard!

  3. I would have finished the other quilt first, too! I think I'm as excited as you are that you finally get to start the disappearing nine-patch. I haven't made one, but one of my fellow Bee attendees in Hawaii taught the class. I saw a lot of her samples. One is somewhere on my "want to make" list, but I have too many other things pressing right now. I'm really enjoying reading about your progress, though!

  4. Looks like D9P is off and running, love the look of your blocks and the way it adds a lattice around your 5 inch blocks. There are so many different ways to turn this block it will be fun to see what everyone has done. I have made several blocks, will post later in the week.

  5. I love your D9P. I've made the D4P now I need to try this one. Hugs

  6. Such discipline is inspiring! : )
    I need to do one of these D9P quilts...someday.

  7. The nephew quilt looks so manly, yet cozy - and like you may have quilted with variegated thread. Nice! I'm loving they way the D9P has so many arrangement options. Decisions, decisions...

  8. Fun mini tut! Love the variations on the D9P. Sew glad you got your machine back!

  9. Wow, you accomplished a lot! The dnp and the nephew quilt both look great.

  10. Too much geometry. I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!