Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Robot Pants

Thanks for all the suggestions about sewing on this unusual fabric, which has a multi-directional stretch similar to t-shirt fabric.  It's heavy weight and not as slippery to work with as some fabrics I've used....  and it's probably used for dancer's outfits and such.

I used a ball-point needle; however, the walking foot caused a lot of skipped stitches.  I used the "0" foot that came with my machine and is the basic foot, good for both straight and zigzag stitches. I used a zigzag stitch and poly-cotton thread.

Need sunglasses?


  1. Glad it is you making those and not me, though I have done my share of challenging Halloween costumes in years past. The only Star Wars costume I ever made was Luke Skywalker. I got off easy on that one.
    Are you going to make a pair of these for yourself--great pajama pants, don't you think? : )

  2. I think you deserve a gold star! :o)

  3. Sunglasses for sure!!
    Do they glow in the dark?? Lol.

  4. They are looking good! So, the fabric is okay to go through the machine? You don't need a teflon needle?

  5. These are so you, Freda! Let me guess they are for a grandchild's Halloween costume.

  6. I think you are secretly making these for yourself and are just saying they are for your granddaughter. (smile)