Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Grandmothers Choice #5: New Jersey

After last week's killer block (Kansas Sunflower), I think quite a few of the BOW participants were nervous about this week's block candidate...  I know I was!   Usually, I'm sitting at the computer... refreshing the screen... waiting for Ms Brackman's post....  but not this time.   

I kinda tiptoed into Blogger for a peek....  *great big sigh of relief*   ...it was an easier block!

I'm having enough of a challenge with the two different fabric genres... one large print and the other 1930s prints....

....so I'm experimenting as I go along.  

I'm still a bit nervous about the block posting this coming Saturday...  once bitten, twice shy...


  1. This was easy? They sure are striking!
    Do you make a monkey wrench and then slice it and sew the strips in and put the corners on? Just trying to wrap my brain around how it might be easy. : )

  2. They look great! I saw the post on Saturday and I remember that I kept looking for your blocks as the day progressed, because you usually do them immediately. Now I have "the rest of the story," ha ha. Did you get the cute owl bag done?

    I have to say that the block on Barbara Brackman's post (I think it was the first one shown) was just brilliant with the fabric use--making the pieces look lace-edged. I love seeing/learning things like that.

  3. Your blocks look perfect to me! I especially like the Depression era fabric block!

  4. Easier!? Glad you think so :-) I wouldn't attempt these, but yours are lovely!

  5. What lovely versions you made. Great fabric choices.

  6. You did great! Nice fabric selections!
    And that's another one I'm not going to attempt.

  7. I love to see that you're making everytime 2 blocks, every time they are so different.
    * waving from across the big pond*

  8. It may have been easier, but looks complicated to me! Yours turned out great, as usual.

  9. The blocks are so different and so pretty.

  10. So agree about tip-toeing onto the blog on Saturday! Yours look great for this week, still loving the Art Nouveau fabric (more my style), and how you are pulling off the limited fabrics!

  11. I'm so looking forward to seeing these blocks become quilts......
    I'm glad that this weeks block was less taxing.