Saturday, October 13, 2012

More online fun....

I got up this morning and just had to see where Henry's package was now...  and guess what?    It's back in Fayetteville!

That is one crazy journey...

At this rate, it's going to take almost a WEEK to get a package to a location only a 2 hour drive away!


  1. It would have gotten there sooner if you had taken it there yourself! (I wonder how they stay in business?)
    It's fun to watch with you...

  2. and here's the proof of why the postal services loses millions of dollars. Love this.

  3. This is incredible! I ordered an 2 items from Ebay Thursday morning (from Minnesota) and it was delivered to me (in Virginia) today! The box was crushed and open and one item wasn't in the box but, hey, it got here!

  4. Oh my gosh! We had the same thing happen to a package my husband ordered about three years ago. It came from the South but I don't recall where and it did the very same thing other than it was stuck going in circles back and forth from Hodgkins, IL with UPS. SO frustrating. I hope your package makes it soon.

  5. The parcel will be dizzy by the time he gets it! :oO