Monday, October 1, 2012

Quilt Show! (part three)

I spent over an hour at the quilt show and enjoyed every minute.  By going late in the afternoon, there were fewer people there....  I'm not too fond of crowds.

This quilt won the long-arm quilting ribbon... and deservedly so!

The quilting on "Billy's Bluebirds," by Ellene M. Place, exerted a magnetic force...  you just had to get closer....

...and closer for a better look!

While not spectacular, "Wedding Quilt" by Sandra Zimmer was lovely with its use of neutrals...

There were so many neutral prints, I just had to study them all...


There were a few vendors along the outer walls of the Fair Barn and I behaved myself quite well, I thought...   a few red and blue FQs...

 ...a few half-yard cuts...

...and a running 1/4 yard of a dark navy batik with kitties!

Did I mention these were all "on sale"...  

One last photo of the Fair Barn's ceiling...  

 ....hope you enjoyed the show!


  1. Looks like such an amazing place to hold a show. And you were VERY restrained with the shopping! I esp. love the little birdhouses. :)

  2. I did enjoy the show. Thanks for (virtually) taking me with you. :o)

  3. I have the same fabric with the blue birdhouses! Cool. I also love the cream with red stars... The quilting on that prize winning quilt was incredible. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for sharing the show. But it is the cardinal fabric that is first place with me. Love it, and will look for it at our local show this next week.

  5. Gosh, your photographic skills are improving as well and as quickly as your quilting skills! Thanks for the tour! That first
    quilt showcased is spectacular!

  6. The quilting on that first quilt was jaw-dropping. I guess if you are quilting for show these days that is what you have to do to catch the judges eyes.
    Looks like a cool venue for a quilt show.
    I've never seen anything like that kitty batik--very fun!

  7. Thanks for the show...that LAQ is amazing! And those cardinals are fantastic! Can't wait to see what becomes of them.

  8. Loved the show. Thanks for sharing your pics.
    You did good picking out fabric to buy, too. I love the birds!

  9. Great quilts, and I love that cardinal fabric you bought! Yummy!

  10. You were very good! Thanks for sharing the photos. There was some amazing workmanship there.

  11. Such gorgeous quilts, fabrics and that beautiful barn.

  12. Oh, yes I can see where that quilt would win first place!! Stunning. Thank you so much for sharing. I love to see quilt show pics because they are always so inspiring. Folks' creativity and talent never ceases to amaze me. Love the fabric too. :-)

  13. The bird quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for showing us all the photos. Beautiful quilts!

  14. Thanks for sharing Freda, love the gorgeous quilts and you took some beautiful fabrics back home.
    Greetings Roos

  15. That winner certainly is an amazing quilt!

  16. I googled my name and found your blog with the wonderful comments on my quilt. Thank you so much! I am glad that you enjoyed our quilt show and that you shared it with your blog friends! We will have a smaller quilt presentation at Sandhills Community College Owens Auditorium during the Palustris Festival, March 20-24. Ellene Place