Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Grandmother's Choice #7: Alice's Flag

Since I started feeling not-so-hot on Saturday, I did not even think about what I was going to do with this applique block.   Those of you who followed along with the Civil War BOW with me know how I feel about applique blocks.  So.... do I just omit this block... or sub another?

In honor of the males (most likely married) who were opposed to women's suffrage, I decided to sub Contrary Husband for Alice's Flag.

Pretty amazing, isn't it?

There are a number of ways to make Contrary Husband and most use the HST method.   Me.... for the first time, I went to BlockBase and looked up the block so I could get the measurements without having to do a lot of figuring.   I found another way to make this block and decided it would be a good one to practice some Y-seams!  Yea, me!

I make an error in cutting the blue fabric for the 1930s fabric block... but it was fixable.

The second block went together faster and I have to say I do like this block without the HSTs...

And for all the women who worked for the right for women to vote:   Thank you!


  1. I run from applique books and blocks.
    Love your contrary husband blocks :D
    Good grief. I had not seen the document, "We Oppose Woman Suffrage". Thanks for posting it today.

  2. They both look good but I prefer the purple one, of course!

  3. Great blocks! And I love that opposition statement. Can't you just picture some pompous ass standing at a podium, spouting all that crap, and all the men shouting in agreement and shaking their fists at each commandment! What a hell that must have been to live through, and how strong those women were who stood up against it all! We owe them so much!

  4. I can't believe that declaration against Suffrage. Gets my dander up! I am proud that my state was one of the first to allow women to vote!
    And I'm proud of you for doing the Y-Seams. The blocks look great! I would avoid the applique AND the Y-Seams! : )

  5. Very nice substitution block. I'll keep that in mind the next time we have a difficult challenge like block 4!

  6. Amen! Nice post. Nice blocks. Some day you will learn to stop hating appliqué. I finally did when I started using the starch and template method. Easy peasy .

  7. I always like the 30s-type fabric the best. I would like to give a swift kick to each of those men in that picture. I,too, am eternally grateful for the women who came before us and fought the good fight.

  8. Oh, your post was funny and inspiring too. Yes, I'm not big into applique either but I plan on doing the block. I love the block you picked, don't you love the name of the blocks? I think the names really were a sign of the times and I wonder what some of the blocks from our time will be called??! Anyway, I too am thankful to all the strong women that came before us.