Friday, February 10, 2012

2012: The Year of UFO

There is something so exciting about planning a new quilt, assembling the fabrics, cutting those fabrics, and beginning to sew.   I had a lot of  fun last year....  resulting in a lot of unfinished quilts lying around for one reason or another... primarily because my machine went down mid-December.

So... my mission... if I decide to accept it.... is to finish all those UFOs before I start a new one.  First, I must identify all the UFOs floating around my place:

1.  Pink & White double 4-patch with flower border (piece back, send to LAQ)
2.  Lilac Hill quilt (send to LAQ)
3.  Bottled Rainbows (sew together quilted blocks and bind)
4.  Smokey Mtn Stars (bind and label)
5.  Fish Camp Trout Pond (piece back, sandwich, quilt, label, bind)
6.  Tumbler quilt (label, bind)
7.  Civil War quilt (sash, assemble, borders, piece back, send to LAQ)
8.  Jacob's Ladder (finish making blocks, sash, assemble, border, sandwich, quilt, label, bind)
9.  Eleanor's red quilt (assemble top, piece back, sandwich, quilt, label, bind)

Yup, them's a lot of UFOs!

I need to be spending some quality time with my machine...

...and stay out of...

...and stop looking at...

...'cause I got some UFOs to attend to!


  1. I'm right there with you! We can do it!! :)

  2. Is this post going to self-destruct? : )
    I like the ones on the list that say "send to longarm quilter". That part I can do. But then I guess that is followed by the "label and bind" part and I'm not so good in that arena.
    You will show amazing restraint if you don't start a new project before finishing all of those. I will watch in awe!!

  3. I really believe that one of the reasons I have stayed with quilting longer than any other craft I have attempted is the number of steps to completion. It helps to illiminate the boredom factor. You seem to have stuff to do at every level so it really won't be so tough to make a dent. It would be lovely even if you just moved a couple of things to the next step. It's like any other project take one step at a time.

    So easy for me to say, I had a machine and still have several UFO's. But we are a support team afterall.

  4. Ah, yes. The UFO list. I actually got one on my list done. Now for the other nine. We can do this. Although, I did start thinking about my lone star quilt on my want to do this in 2012 list. Hmmm.

  5. That was my goal for the new year.. but then I had a moment of weakness, and now I am starting something brand new--it's that rush you explained.. excitement of new projects, the planning, the colorful fabrics-- I'm so weak! lol Good luck to you!! xo

  6. Again, you make me smile!!!! My goals are similar - but alas - there are always distractions and diversions!!


  7. Maybe you can reward yourself with a two for one deal - finish two - start another one! I wish you all the best as you complete your mission (should you choose to accept it).

  8. I like the idea to finish 2 then start a new one that Lynne said! Happy quilting!

  9. It's hard.. but doable! I have 6 UFO finishes since Christmas (well - one was a start-to-finish easy project) and pulled out another one last night. Trying VERY VERY hard to stay on task - especially on the giftable ones!!!

  10. I'm with you on the finish-it mantra...haven't been so brave as to publish a list though (the one on my sidebar is from last year...not even sure where some of those UFOs are?)x

  11. Good for you, I don't think I have the discipline. I maybe could make a pledge to finish 1 UFO a month.(hopefully) lol

  12. We will be here to cheer you on! Your finished quilts will be so pretty!

    I am trying to finish some things before starting more, too, but I'm studying books and blogs constantly getting new ideas for new quilts.

  13. I never realized there were so many UFOs in the world!! I also have your goals, have finished two so far, but I know I will start another before finishing all of them!! Might as well admit the truth. And again I swear I will finish each quilt I start before starting a new project. Well, at least we try!

  14. I love the way you think!!!

    I'd hate to go through my UFO list. Way longer than yours. But its definitely the year of UFO.

    Live long and prosper in getting those UFOs out of the way in 2012

  15. It does feel good to get some of the older projects finished up. You did a good job of making a list. That usually helps on the goal setting. I too need to stay out of the fabric store but alas, I have zero will power. Plus, its no fun. :)

  16. Oh,Freda.
    I would love to take you up on your challenge,but I have no self control.
    But I do hope to finish Jacob's quilt.
    I have only 44 blocks to go.
    He may get it for christmas.....
    Which one I don't know.

  17. I'm trying to finish UFO's as well, although I quite like Lynne's idea - finish two, start one. The two quilts that just need binding and labels shouldn't take too long to finish?? :)

  18. I enjoyed a look back at each of your UFOs, remembering fabric auditions and the tumbler quilt especially. Good on ya for UFO sticktoitiveness!

  19. PSHAW!! That's a short UFO list. I have no doubt that you will get 'em all done in your usual super speedy manner.
    Way to own up to them all. Good job!!