Thursday, January 12, 2012

Coffee Cozy

The other day, I posted about making a coffee cozy using Rachel's tutorial/pattern.

I have actually made four... one for a gift to a friend and one for each of the schools to which I am assigned.

Not only does the cozy keep my hands from the heat of the hot beverage in the cup... but also keeps the coffee/tea hot longer.

It took a little fiddling with the pattern...  *rip, rip, rip*   ...but I finally got the right size to fit the cup.   Next project:  a coffee cozy to fit my mugs here at the house.... sorta like this one...

Coffee Cozy found HERE on Etsy

I may be machine-less but I still got projects going!


  1. Was just thinking about you earlier this evening. Wondered if you had gotten any word on your machine.

    Good job on your cozies. Perfect time of year for this project.

  2. Are they giving you any idea how much monger you will be machineless?

  3. Nice! And the last one is like one size fits all!

  4. I've been seeing your non-sewing projects and am intriqued. I can crochet a little, but have never done any knitting. I think I would like to do some small crochet projects like these mug cozies some time. It would be nice to have some projects for when I'm unable to be at home where my machine is.

    Your projects are turning out really nice!

  5. I love these...may have to make one for my tea mug at retreat this weekend!

  6. That's a very interesting piece for the mug.