Sunday, January 22, 2012


It's funny to talk about knitting on a quilting blog but I have gotten some questions so I thought I'd speak about my knitting adventures today.
My mother knitted (sewed and crocheted as well) but passed away before she could teach me more than a child could deal with.  So, in my early 30s, I checked a good "how to" book from the library.  I was bad because I photocopied the essential pages for future reference (could only keep the book out 2 weeks), punched holes in the pages, and stuck 'em in a binder.  I suppose I've had them almost 30 years now.

Busy with family and all their activities, I never got very far with knitting but did manage a sweater at one point.  Then.... the onset of arthritis in my finger joints made it painful to hold the needles and manage the work and the yarn.  So...  I stopped knitting and turned to crochet, which was manageable.

Almost 20 years ago, I returned to college to finish my undergraduate degree and went on to graduate school.  This was the time of personal computer proliferation.  Professors expected typed work and moved to expecting things turned in via email... so I became friendly with a computer and was introduced to the internet.

One benefit of computer that I never expected was finger exercise.  Between grad school, typing reports, and goofing around online... the ole fingers get a lot of exercise.  So, when grandson Henry asked for a red scarf with tassels and I picked up knitting needles for the first time in at least 20 years, I was surprised that I was able to knit the scarf without pain.

One scarf led to another and wouldn't you know it...  I'm knitting again!  And knitting is saving my sanity until my sewing machine comes home at long last!

Like quilting, I've learned a lot online about knitting and even found numerous patterns for drop stitch scarves... not to mention YouTube videos demonstrating exactly how to do it.

So whether it's crochet or knitting you'd like to learn, online is the place to do it...  plus zillions of fun patterns for free!

And, if you'd like to join an online community of knitters and crocheters, consider Ravelry, a social network site where you can find free patterns and see what everyone is doing!

 Lots of wonderful eye candy as well...


  1. Empress, may I borrow the tiara? I have a work presentation tomorrow and I want to look professional. Regards, Smells Like Salad.

  2. I so want to learn to knit and crochet scarves. Have wanted to for awhile. Maybe I will try youtube. Thanks :D

  3. I never learned to knit! I should put that on the bucket list.

    I can crochet, but haven't made too many things.

    Youtube would be great for that though. Because when you are teaching yourself something it would help so much to see how to do it.

    Great weather today for crocheting or knitting and in my case quilting!

    All your scarves are beautiful.

  4. I had to change the name of my blog from "Never Too Hot to Knit" to "Never Too Hot to Stitch" when I stumbled into quilting!

  5. I loved the picture with the crown. My little girl loves crocheting and is ok at it (being self taught) and has always wanted to learn to knit. Me I just don't think its manly enough. But then again I quilt so who knows maybe one day.

  6. Awesome, your Empress-ness. What user name do you use on Raverly? I'm RangerAnna. Original, eh? BadAmy is my daughter.

  7. My mother did it all--sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting. She still quilts and crochets in her 80s. I learned it all, but haven't knit since I was twelve. Crocheted for many years, but haven't done that either for a couple of decades.
    Very cool about the fingers functioning again sans pain. Good thing, so you have something to keep you sane while you await the machine. You have made some beautiful scarves!

  8. You must have been quite good at knitting before you had to give it up. Your new projects are wonderful.

  9. I still want to learn how to knit socks. I recently bought a how-to book but have not picked up the needles since then. I do hope your machine comes home soon so you can resume quilting!