Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Amigurumi.... Do You?

Not sure what started me doing amigurumi...  probably the same ADHD which also impacts my quilting project list.  I know I had a bunch of odd bits of yarn was was looking for projects to use it up.

A friend was adopting a baby and I made this little guy to tuck into the package of goodies I sent her.

Made a teddy bear for my granddaughter Emma...

.....and a purple octopus for my granddaughter Chloe!

Photo borrowed from the Lion Brand Yarn site because
I can't locate a photo of the octopus I made but it looked just like this one!

Well, about two days before Christmas, my granddaughter Chloe comes up to me and asks, "Grandma?  Do you remember the octopus you made me?"

"Yes, I do!"

"I want you to make me a puppy dog!"

Of course, I agreed and Chloe and I found an amigurumi puppy she liked:  a weiner dog!

There was a little negotiation because Chloe wanted to me to make the puppy "now" and Grandma didn't want to go to the the shopping center for the yarn on Friday afternoon before Christmas.

Anyway, Mr. Puppy Dog did get finished and delivered to Miss Chloe...

...who  home is sick with a tummy bug.

But Mr. Puppy Dog is taking good care of his Chloe who is on the mend!

So, yes!  I make stuff even when I don't have a machine to sew on....


  1. Aren't you the talented one! Such cute little critters!!

  2. Those are so cute! Knit or crochet?

  3. He is so cute!!
    Grandma's are so nice.

  4. What a sweet post! I really need to learn how to crochet!

  5. So darling! And Mr. Puppy Dog and his yarnie friends are, too.

  6. Way WAY too cute. I must stop reading your blog because yo make me want to start too many things!!!!!

  7. These are wonderful! And glad to see you've kept your hands busy. I especially love the teddy, and the doggie. You did a great job on them. I'm reminded of a pink poodle my grandmother made for stood on its back covered a small Clorox bottle ;-)

  8. I guess I don't have to say you have some pampered grandchildren. Nothing better for a grandma to do, in my opinion. Those are all so cute.