Monday, January 16, 2012

Next Project

My fingers are  crossed that my machine will be fixed by next weekend so I can pick it up and begin my next project:  a quilt for my baby sister's birthday coming up the end of February. 

Eleanor is the little one in front...  she was 10 months when this photo was taken. 
I'm the one holding on to her.

Eleanor is a long-time military wife (now retired military) and has made homes in a number of different locations around the country.   When I saw the Hometown line by Sweetwater for Moda... I knew what fabric I needed for her quilt.

In this photo, there are four towns where Eleanor has lived or lived near, worked, given birth, etc.  I've not done a closer inspection.... I'll leave that for the birthday girl!  This fabric will be the backing for the quilt.

Eleanor loves red so I chose all the beautiful reds from the Hometown line. 

I cut out the fabrics yesterday afternoon.... now I just need to pick up my machine next weekend!


  1. I really like the hometown fabrics. Especially the reds. Looking forward to seeing your project.

  2. What a fun family photo (alliteration unintended).
    I gather this quilt is not a secret, or she doesn't read your blog. Looks like you found a winning combination of fabrics. What pattern are you making?

  3. I have my fingers crossed,that you will have a happy weekend!!!
    Love the fabric, very symbolic.
    Your sister is going to love it.

  4. What a lovely picture of you and your brothers and sisters. I'm curious what you're going to make of those beautiful fabrics.

  5. Love the Christmas picture and the matching tops. Your little sister is going to be thrilled with the quilt.

  6. The fabrics are sure gonna make a wonderful quilt, how cool that the hometowns listed are old addresses! I really do like that line, and the reds are yummy,mmm-m.
    I hope your machine is in top running when it comes back. I hate to be without one!

  7. Such a fun and whimsical collection of fabric! Bravo!

  8. Keeping my fingers crossed that your machine is working when you get it back. Your family portrait is so cute. You all are so good looking!

  9. Oh I Love that fabric!! What a great quilt that will be!

  10. I love this sibling photo with the matching pjs, and recognize everyone in it! That Hometown fabric is just the ticket for Eleanor, and I can't wait to see what quilt design you choose for the other beautiful reds. This looks like such a fun project! Fingers crossed for a healthy machine!

  11. Sounds like the perfect fabric for your sis. Hoping your machine is running like a champ soon.

  12. That is a pretty cool set of fabrics, I don't normally buy material with words on them but enjoy looking at and reading them.