Sunday, September 25, 2011

Easy (?) Lemoyne Star

John'aLee posted links to star quilt block patterns and I thought I'd give the Easy Lemoyne Star block a try.

Maybe a zillion tiny HSTs are easier than the diamond-shapes and Y-seams... but I don't see how.    Janet O. of The Rogue Quilter told me that "easy Lemoyne Star" is an oxymoron and I have to agree!

Next time I need a Lemoyne Star, I'm doing the traditional method.   *lol*

Also completed a variation on the North Star block for block #5...

All five blocks will go out in the mail to John'aLee on Monday!


  1. I have also decided to do 5 blocks, Freda. I figured one for each quilt was good. Almost done cutting and hope to get them sewn Monday.
    I had looked at that tutorial you tried, to which John'aLee had given the link--I came back to the CW links you had given. : )
    Glad I did.

  2. Love the blue one!
    I cut a similar pattern for my stars a couple days ago, and they're waiting to be sewn:

    It seams to be the same pattern - different name - with using HSTs. So, it wasn't easy? Hmm, hope I'm able to complete it.

  3. Does making the lemoyne star requires cutting diamonds from a template ? If so, I'd rather go the hst way. I need to give one of these blocks a try.

  4. Nice blocks for John'a, but I don't think I will be sewing a Lemoyne Star. Are you making 8" or 12" blocks?

  5. It's a very cute lemoyne star though

  6. Thank you so much for your help! You are such a dear!