Monday, September 12, 2011

Civil War Block 37: Confederate Rose

This week's block is a beauty...

Confederate Rose block by Becky Brown

I searched through my CW fabrics and could find nothing anywhere near the roses on white fabric.  The only thing stopping me from breaking my promise to myself not to buy any fabric for this QAL was that the nearest quilt shop carrying 1800s reproduction fabrics is an hour and a half drive from here.

So.... I did my best to duplicate Becky's block...

Hmmm... nothing wrong with the block... but just too plain, especially in comparison to my other CW blocks.   Let's try again....

Still not as pretty as Becky's block but much better!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks again to my Blog-land angel without whose generosity this block would have not been possible!


  1. They are all beautiful but that first one is breath-taking!

  2. I love both of them but I mostly dig how you put the effort in to find the look you were going for!

  3. I like both blocks you make but my favorite is the bottom one with the fussy cut center. Great job!

  4. This is my favorite so far! Love it!

  5. I agree with the others. All your blocks in this project are lovely, but I like this one best :D

  6. Okay, so here I am not even getting one block made and you are making and remaking. What a woman!
    I do like your second try best--aside from the perfect fussy cut, I think it looks more vintage, too!

  7. I'm fond of the first one you made! Kudos for not settling though.

  8. They're both great blocks but the second one is truly gorgeous.

  9. I like both the blocks you made, (the first one is my favourite), like you I'm trying to use fabric from my stash, but seeing a block like the one Becky made makes me see the deficiencies in my stash :(