Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jacob's Ladder QAL Info

(Okay, I'm going to try to post with the new Blogger interface thingie...  let's see what happens!)

I've gotten a number of questions about the JL QAL and wanted to get everything down in one place!

1.  We're going to be making Jacob's Ladder blocks.  As many or as few as you would like to make.  No quilt size or block size is specified.  I will be using Bonnie Hunter's Florabunda instructions and using the measurements in her tutorial.  (For the Cowabunga Florabunda, I used 3" strips rather than 2" strips because I didn't want to make a zillion blocks for a king-size quilt.)

2.  You may use any fabrics you'd like to, preferably from your stash but... if you'd would like to purchase fabrics... or if you need to purchase a solid for the "ladders".... no big deal!

3:  Start date:  I'm planning on starting around the end of September or the first of October after I finish the Cowabunga Florabunda quilt top.   If you'd like to start before that... or would like to start later...  perfectly alright with me!

4.  Time frame:  There isn't one.  I plan on making one block per week and... since I need 48 blocks... I'm figuring that I'll finish up by the end of next summer.  We're rolling into the holiday time of the year and I'm certain we'll all miss a week here and there... but... that's the way things happen!

Custom clock from your quilt block at Heartstring Treasures

5.  Flickr group:  I have set up a Jacob's Ladder QAL group on Flickr so we can share photos and enjoy what everyone else is working on.

 Photo from the Martha's Vineyard Museum

6.  How do I sign up for the JL QAL?  All you need to do is join the Jacob's Ladder QAL group on Flickr. 

6.  Purpose of JL QAL:  To have fun, play with fabrics, share what we're doing, encourage others, etc. 

No racing, no competition, no quilt police!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Quilting Bee" ornament by Jim Shore


  1. The rules are clear to me, I can't wait to start....

  2. I have not been doing any sewing, I miss it! I think I am going to join in!

  3. And the "non-rules" are clear to me. Love the no-pressure, no-deadline, "whatever you bring to the table is fine" approach.

  4. Thanks for all the info. Still thinking about it. LOVE the ornament! :-)

  5. I will give this one some thought, as I do have many, many other projects going on right now too.

  6. Hi, I signed up and am picking fabric and stacking it up. In looking at the JL pattern I'm not sure how scrap it should be. Also do we get an E-mail when someone posts on Flicker?

  7. I love the idea of no rules. Will be looking through my stash, and signing up soon.

  8. New to your blog but looking forward to perusing your past posts. I will keep your QAL in mind, but we are ready to "hit the road" and won't be settled in one place for a few weeks so I'll see when we get there if I feel I can do it. Thanks for the non-rules. Sounds like fun!