Monday, September 5, 2011

Pulling Fabrics from Stash

It's been hectic and fun around here with all the kids running around and two dogs playing under foot... and grown ups visiting and otherwise catching up... 

The most fun has been over-hearing the kids at the kitchen table at dinner telling each other jokes.  So incredibly funny.  Clearly, humor is "leveled" like readers and library books... the two 2nd graders certainly enjoyed each other jokes while the other three looked on puzzled.

I won't tell you the joke about unicorns and cupcakes...  but was the big hit of the evening, let me tell you!

I did have a few spare moments and pulled FQs for potential use in the Jacob's Ladder QAL...  not sure when I got these and certainly can't remember for what project I bought them.

I found a length of Moda Bella Solid in "Paper Bag".... and I like how it looks with the FQs...  the "Paper Bag" would be for the ladder...

Seven FQs certainly isn't enough so I went thru the FQs again and found three that coordinate with the florals...

Did some math... and I'm still short on the florals so there will be another FQ search.  I'm determined not to purchase any florals!

The only sewing I've done this weekend was to sew badges on a Boy Scout sash...  if I'm going to finish Cowabunga Florabunda before the end of the month, I need to get moving!


  1. It is remarkable to see how much fabric is in the stash that we hold. And when we do remove something it barely makes a dent.
    I will be interested to see these fabrics in your Jacob's Ladder.
    Good luck.

    I have also been making the effort to use more of my stash. What made a big difference to me was taking all my fabric out of tubs and sorting it onto Ikea shelves. Once it was in plain view I found it much easier to see what was there and have tended to use more of it.

    What a great time to have your family around. So much energy and enthusiasm. Enjoy!

  2. Aren't kids a hoot!
    How come all the florals in my stash were ugly and all of yours are these beautiful, ethereal, soft looking things? I guess that really says something about where my taste resides (in my mouth--that is a 3rd grade joke). Will you hold my hand next time I am fabric shopping? : )
    "Paper Bag" looks great with these florals.
    How is Cowabunga coming, by the way?

  3. I love your fabrics for the Jacobs Ladder. I decided to join in but I have to buy the fabrics, don't have so many stash.
    Greetings Roos

  4. I have been "shopping" in my stash for greens, but came up sadly short! The greens I have look horrible together. I haven't given up yet though. :o)

    As I've told you before a LOT of my stash was given to me by people who no longer sewed and is not all that pretty. I've decided that I should use it to make scrap quilts that use all kinds of colors, like some of the ones on Quiltville (Bargello; Around the World, etc.)

    Your grandkids telling jokes reminded me of these:

    What did the fish say when he ran into a wall? Answer: Dam!

    Why aren't noses 12 inches long? Because then they would be a foot.

    Oh well, I'm sure the kids' jokes were funnier!

    Happy Labor Day!

  5. Your fabrics are so soft and feminine. I was thinking of doing mine more masculine looking. I haven't even started thinking about the actual fabrics yet. Glad to hear you are having such a wonderful visit with family!

  6. Those florals are wonderful and "paper bag" is perfect with them. Paper bag cracks me up. If it's not Moda's official name for that color, it should be.

  7. Oooooo! Yummy fabrics. My stash is pretty small, and almost all hand-me-downs from former quilters, but I do have a few yummy florals. I am still trying to decide about this QAL. I am very tempted, but I don't think I have enough fabric to pull it off. Maybe I should really see what I have.

  8. Beautiful florals....I am drooling. These will look so wonderful with the brown.

  9. great florals, super choices. Waiting on the finshed blocks. They should be beautiful.

  10. Lovely choices! Mine are mostly dark I plan to you a lighter ladder. Our quilts will look so different! That's what I love about quilting - same pattern completely different results.

  11. Love the vintage picture of the kids at the table.

    You have so much beautiful fabric. I need to use more florals.

  12. Those florals work really well with the paper bag fabric. Looking forward to seeing how this quilt ends up.