Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Third Civil War Block

I selected an easy block yesterday... it was a l-o-n-g day!

One of my blogging buddies made a comment about me starting yet another quilt top.  I guess I have begun quite a few this year... definitely more than last year.

I'm not sure how the State budget is where you live but things are grim here in NC... and the impact on school systems across the state will be devastating for the coming academic year.  The number of jobs lost already is far too many and additional individuals feel under scrutiny as the local school systems continue to look for ways to cut costs.

I had lunch with a young woman from Texas... a teacher... who detailed the cuts being made in education there.  She, like us, is grateful to have a job.   So far...

These CW blocks are short term projects... I get to play with fabric during selection and how the blocks turn out is entirely under my control.  

The best type of therapy for me right now...


  1. I know what you mean about starting another quilt, I just sent for "The Farmers Wife" and going to join the quilt-a-long. I think just doing two blocks a week will be o.k. if I just keep up. Good luck with your new quilt.

  2. It's the best therapy for everything to quilt....and your block looks great.

  3. The CW blocks are really looking good! I like to make quilts that have different blocks. It keeps the project interesting.

    I've been watching the news this morning about the over turn of the Governor's veto. I hope you nor any of your coworkers will be affected.

  4. I am so irritated that education always suffers when there are budget problems. There is so much waste in most state budgets that education should be much further down on the list. Where will end up if we do not properly educate our children.
    As to the quilting, do what feels like fun. I am also doing the CW BOW. I'm really liking it.

  5. Quilting is good therapy during stressful times. Love your civil war blocks.

    Education took a huge hit here in South Dakota too. The schools I work with were already running pretty bare boned so cuts will certainly impact kids directly.

  6. What an interesting pattern! Nicely done...and yeah, we all have our therapies.
    Oh, the seamstress in the photo looks like my mother ~ you'll see.