Friday, June 24, 2011

Civil War Block #24

I've decided not to make any applique blocks (only one posted so far), so... with this block, I am caught up until Saturday!

Block 20:  New England

The blocks finish at 8" and a six by eight block layout will yield a 48" by 64" quilt without sashings, which I am planning on.  

My understanding is that there will be a total  of 52 Civil War blocks so I won't have to make/use four of these... and, if there are more than four applique blocks, I'll just make a duplicate block using different fabrics!

Applique may become my "thing" at some point in my life but it's not my thing right now...

In the meantime I have a three-day weekend and my granddaughters are coming over to spend the day with me!  Let the hijinks begin....


  1. Non-appliquers unite! There are so few of us left in the world, we have to stick together! ;o)

  2. While I wouldn't describe myself as a "non-applique'er"--let's just say, it is NOT my strong suit!! I am never happy with the results. I keep trying different methods hoping that SOME DAY one will be developed that I will be able to do!

    Deb from

  3. There is a time for everything, one day yours will come...
    Enjoy your weekend with tour granddaughters.
    Greetz from Roos

  4. Congrats on getting these all caught up! Have a terrific weekend :)

  5. I love the applique but I've already got so many applique projects started, I may never get them all good for you for saying no to the applique. I think the pieced blocks are gorgeous all on their own.

    Enjoy those grandgirls this weekend!

  6. I want to do applique, but its not my best thing. I should practice more because I like the way it looks. My attempts in the past haven't been too good!

    I printed out the template with "none" where it says page scale and now its 6 1/2 inches so I can work on the cutting this weekend.

    Enjoy your grandaughters and your 3 day weekend!

  7. I absolutely love applique, but then I find piecing tedious. We all have parts of quilting that are our favorites.
    I really like this block. It does have that Civil War era look.

  8. Nice Block.
    I like to look at applique and would like to try it sometime.
    However, I think I am a piece quilt person. I love to look at happy, pieced quilts using pretty fabrics, bright colors, simple patterns, also scrappy quilts ... quilts that make you smile and USE everyday!

  9. Very wise of you, that 7 Sisters block isn't a very nice block to applique. Well done on catching up, I'm a few blocks behind but will catch up soon.