Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Addiction

Barbara Brackman's Civil War Reunion blocks...


  1. It's terrific - I love the contrasts. (Looks like you've got another project coming up ;)
    Thanks for the link to the Civil War blocks site. There's a wealth of info there!

  2. Love the fabric and the block!

  3. Girlfriend, I predict a whole bunch of UFOs by this time next year!! You got it BAD. LOL

  4. A good addiction to have!! :-)

  5. Freda,
    Found you from Stash Manicure!! Isn't Madame Samm the best??!! She designed my blog banner for me...she is a jewel in my life. I absolutley LOVED your post about basting. I can't believe I never thought of that. BTW, I am a retired educator of special needs, children! I began as a speech therapist and got my Master's in Special Educatiomn. I spent some time as a Literacy Coach and enede up teaching a Dev. delayed class K-1. I know all too well how full and stressful your days can be. Do you do the testing as well? Our psychometristsdo nothing but testing and then the school counselor does the counseling side of it. My sister lives in Mebane outside of Burlington,NC. I kive in north Alabama. Your bio sounded like we had muc in common. I too have 5 grandchildren. However, I retired in Dec. 08. Yippee. I've been teaching myself to quilt WELL via blogs and my blogging friends as well as tutorials. Nice ot get to know you and hope we can learn more of the quilting world together!
    Gmama Jane
    Come visit me at my little blog Grandmamas Stories
    We can "FOLLOW" each other!

  6. I went over and checked out your pin basting tutorial and its great! I, too, cannot do too much more crawling around on the floor to pin baste. Next trip to a fabric store I will get a cutting board and binder clips. Thanks!