Sunday, June 19, 2011

Civil War Blocks #7 - #12

Okay, I was a bum yesterday... other than hauling sprinklers around the yard, pretty much all I did was sew.  It was nice and I had fun...

So, without further ado, the blocks (Barbara Brackman's numbering system):

4.  Tears for Texas

7.  Log Cabin

10.  Lincoln's Platform

17.  Comfort Quilt

22.  Blockade

25.  Calico Puzzle (posted yesterday)

Twenty-five blocks posted and I've done twelve of them.  Not bad...  I should be able to catch up by the end of the summer!


  1. You're clicking along at a great pace! Summer's off are wonderful, aren't they?

  2. I love how you utilized the print in Tears for Texas. Nice job!~

  3. All of your blocks looks great but I love the Tears for Texas. It's amazing.
    It's good to be a bum now and then...;o)
    Hug Roos

  4. They are great blocks, and you really are getting through them. I really really love the Tears for Texas block, wow!

  5. Tears for Texas is fabulous with the print you've used, but I also think the Comfort block is so sweet. It looks like it came from an old homespun quilt :)
    Great progress!

  6. Love them all - your fabric choices are wonderful!

  7. All beautiful blocks. Especially like the tears for Texas.

  8. were very busy. Love your blocks. Hugs

  9. My favorite so far is your tears for texas block. What a great job you did with your fabric choice.

  10. You are really moving right along with that quilt! All the blocks look really good. Its like a sampler quilt, isn't it?

    The kaleidascope qal starts this week! I'm thinking I'll do pink and white and work on using up my pink scraps.

  11. Of these, I'm liking #4 and #25. And sewing ain't bummin' ;-)