Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tumbler Progress

A busy l-o-n-g week at work but I finally got the last of the tumbler blocks cut out this morning.  

Each stack has no duplicates so I don't have to keep track of when I last used a particular fabric... unless I do this, I'm guaranteed to end up with the same fabric being adjacent rows.

It was difficult sorting fabrics into lights, darks, and mediums... some are just too close to call.   I'll start sewing rows of blocks together today but first... a cuppa coffee!


  1. I Spy Mug Rug!

  2. Love the mug and the progress you are making. And I am enjoying a cup of coffee while reading my blogs. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I'm happy nothing has stopped you! Enjoy that coffee, and I'll hope to see great progress. I'm off to help our good friends in their move, this weekend is just the start of cleaning and painting.
    I noticed your mug rug too, I used that polka dot in a quilt for Larry's folks. Love it!

  4. that is going to be such a pretty quilt. i hear you about sorting fabrics into their values at times they are all so close. lovely rug mug. good luck today sewing your tumblers together.

  5. Great progress! A tumbler quilt is on my want to make someday - so I will live vicariously thru yours at them moment!

  6. Great profess on the tumblers! That's a really good idea to sort them like that!!