Monday, May 16, 2011

New Quilt Update

I amazed myself Saturday...   I made the quilt sandwich, pinned, and quilted the throw-size quilt all in one day.  Must have eaten my Wheaties or something...

Nothing fancy on the quilting... though I think this quilt pattern would make a nice one for FMQ.  I see vines in the white areas and flowers in all the print blocks...

I first stitched in the ditch on the 4-pc block lines... then did  cross-hatch/diagonal quilting across the center of the 4-pc blocks.

Today, I trimmed the quilt and made the binding...  then sewed it on.

Even clipped down the binding... the binding is ready to sew down for this coming Friday's FRIDAY NIGHT SEW-IN with Heidi and Bobbi!

Not signed up yet?  It's not too late... just mosey on over and add your name to the list, sew Friday night, post about it on Saturday... and be eligible for a cool drawing on Sunday!


  1. You ARE amazing, girl!! I can't believe you have this done! Great finish on a beautiful full color quilt!

  2. I'll do months about one quilt and you make one almost overnight....
    How many quilts do you make in one year and where do you put them all????

  3. You got a lot of sewing done this weekend. Your quilt is lovely. Like the cross-hatch stitching.

  4. Wow..very impressive, it looks great!

  5. This one is throw-sized, who knew? You did a super job, too! I'm learning meanings of a lot of new terms here: flimsy, sandwich, FMQ, HST, etc. ;-)

  6. Love this quilt. so colorful and fun.

  7. How very efficient of you. I love it. I especially love the binding, it's perfect.

  8. I'm bowing down to you as we speak!! " I'm not worthy," wow, you are amazing! What an awesome finish!! Would have taken me longer to quilt on Annie!! :-)

  9. Wow!! I couldn't even do that in one week! You go!