Monday, May 23, 2011

Down on the Farm

When my son was a kid, he hated anything and everything that had to do with gardening.  So it's ironic that he is now gardening in his backyard in raised beds.... has even called me for advice.

I liked his raised beds and so my son and his family gave me a 4'x4' raised bed thing for Mothers Day and brought it up this weekend and put it together.

The kit (purchased on sale at Lowe's home improvement emporium) required wood glue, which isn't something I typically keep we made a run to Lowe's for that... and I picked up some veggies...  German Johnson tomatoes, some marigolds to plant around the tomatoes, some basil... and two kinds of cucumbers... burpless and pickling.  As my son was planting the cukes, he commented that one of them said crookneck squash.   

Hmmm... either the pot was in the wrong tray, mislabed, or some clown moved the markers for a laugh.  We did study the leaves but couldn't decide at this stage what type plant it belonged to.  So I have to wait and see what I actually got.... not a problem because I like squash if that what it is.

My son also got the boys to plant some cucumber seeds in an egg carton for later in the summer when the first bunch stop producing.  Gussie the Wonder Dog watched from the deck and as she patrolled the backyard.

My daughter and SIL brought their girls over after church so the cousins could visit. 

The girls were excited when they saw the raised bed out the dining room window....

After lunch, my SIL took the boys and Emma to play disk golf but Chloe was a bit under the weather (recovering from strep, poor dear)... so she stayed with me.  I let her pick out fabrics from my scrap bins and we made Snowy the Owl a quilt of her very own!

It was the first time a grandchild stood by me while I sewed... 

I did get an outdoor photo of the HST quilt...  but I guess I'm either not a good photographer or have no "eye" for taking photos of quilts... but here's the finished quilt anyhoo.

Quite a productive weekend...


  1. What a nifty gift from your family! One year, we got pumpkins when we planted "squash", lol.
    You took a great photo of your grandgirls at the window, so sweet; and the guys hard at work.
    Your comment about the g'child watching you sew brought a tear ~ and I don't even have grands :-l Such treasures you have! Great job on the quilt ~ and magazine quality photo!

  2. What a wonderful gift!
    There is very little as rewarding as sewing with a grandchild! I consider it our duty to pass along our skills to the next generation. At that age, they usually want to learn more about what you're doing. It gives them such confidence to start learning these skills!
    I love the quilt! It's beautiful!

  3. That was a wonderful gift from your family.

    Your quilt turned out so nice. I need to get in gear and finish some quilts so I have something to share. Hugs

  4. I've grown lemon cucumbers a few summers and they are wonderful-especially right off the vine! I treasure the moments I spent taking sewing lessons from my Mom. She was a taskmaster though. ;)

  5. The garden looks great! What a memory your granddaughter will have!

  6. That was definitely a busy weekend you had!

    1. The raised bed is really a neat project.
    2. I love the owl quilt. You made a memory.
    3. The picture of the hst quilt is very good. I love that quilt.

  7. What a beautiful grandchildren you have. I know for sure that your granddaughter will be very happy with her Snowy the Owl quilt.Now I see that you have a mini vegetable garden I remember that I have even a smaller one with lettuce that I still have to plant.Your HST quilt looks great on the photo you took.

  8. What a lovely gift! I would love to garden, but I have to stick to containers on the deck because the deer eat everything. And so nice to have your granddaughter with you while you were sewing :) By the way, your HST quilt is GORGEOUS!

  9. Love the way the quilt worked out. Sounds like a good few days with your family.

  10. Love the quilt picture!! And waht a great garden you all created! The raised beds are so cool!