Monday, May 9, 2011

New Quilt Update

I should think of a better name for this quilt other than "new quilt"...  but anyhoo...

Cut out the white rectangles this morning, that went much faster than the print blocks!

Then, sewed all the little squares to white rectangles...

...chained pieced the big blocks to the rectangles...

Made a lettering system to keep blocks straight...  do NOT want to get the blocks mixed up!

...and finished sewing the blocks together.

Despite reading the block assembly instructions carefully as I went along, I still managed to sew a set of five blocks together incorrectly.... *rip, rip, rip*


  1. It's gonna be colorful, just our style, lol!

  2. I'm very anxious what your making now but it already looks great, all those bright colors.

  3. Nice job! This one seems to require extra attention to organization, as I read the directions and cut guide. When I saw the instruction page, Weird Al's song popped in my mind, "I don't care, I must declare, I've got a flare for patterns..."

  4. Wow, you had such a productive weekend! The "New Quilt" is going to be beautiful.

    Do you get the summer off or are you a 12 month employee?

    (Hope this comment only comes through once, having troubling getting the comments to work this morning)

  5. These colors are beautiful!
    I hate the rip, rip, rip. I guess we all do, but it seems to be part of quilting!

  6. Love the colors of your "new quilt". I was looking at your grandbaby quilts--sure wish I had your talent. I am trying to make a quilt for our grandson due June 26. I appliqued a little boy in overalls with a strawhat and his back is turned. A friend made my son one of these quilts when he was born and it was his favorite and he carried it until it was scraps. I am NOT a quilter, but I wanted to try to surprise them with this quilt. Wish me luck.
    Love, Marie--here in NC

  7. I am not anonymous. I hit the button without meant too.
    Marie in NC