Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What is 196?

...it's the number of squares cut to make HSTs for the Cowbunga Florabunda quilt.

Question of the day:

I ordered the same amount of each fabric for this quilt.  I've cut the same number of strips and cut the same width for each strip (3" and 6" strips).   

How come I have two inches more of the "Blue Floral" Hoopla fabric than the Bella Solid "Sunshine" fabric?

And did I get 2" more of the Blue Floral than ordered?  Or 2" less of the Sunshine?   

Inquiring minds and all of that...


  1. Looks like you are set for some serious chain piecing.
    I am interested to see a finished block out of these cheerful fabrics.

  2. I always try to think positive so I think that you got 2" more of the Blue Froral fabric....;o)

  3. I'll just bet the blue fabric was 2" wider than the other. Not all fabric is the same width on the bolt. It can vary even more than that. some fabrics are only 36" wide on the bolt and some are 46" wide.

  4. I bet someone was more generous when cutting one than the other. It drives me crazy to watch some of the ladies cutting fabric. At one place I go to one of them tears the fabric. I want to scream "stop"! I think if I was cutting fabric, I would always err on the side of giving the customer a little more than they asked for, but some of them are not going to give you an inch. If they don't cut it straight, you may not get enough of what you need.

    I'm not complaining though, since so many people give me fabric.

    I really need to work in my sewing room organizing fabric (again!) because when someone gives me a bag I tend to stash it in the corner and then after awhile, its a mess. Messes up my creative flow when there's stuff sitting around unorganized! Its not all pretty, as I've said before, but as Bonnie says, if its still ugly, you didn't cut it small enough.

  5. 196 is a LOT of squares. Good luck with the quilt and I can't wait to see what this is going to look like!

  6. Interesting minds want to know! You have some blue left to put into a scrap quilt or another mug rug!