Saturday, August 27, 2011

Civil War Block 35: Star of the West

Love this block and changed the directions a bit so I could use the wavy fabric as one piece rather than two HSTs sewn together.

Took a bit of math but it was worth it, I think!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'm fine here in south central NC... rain and a little wind but no damage.  My son and his family in Wilmington NC got power back mid-morning and only have limbs and debris in the yard.  There are trees down in town but not near them.

Watching Irene's path as the hurricane visits family and friends further north....


  1. Love your CW block!
    Glad that you and your Family only had a little damage from Irene. Here in SC we didn't even get any rain, only the humidity.

  2. Good call on the wavy fabric. Nice job.
    Hope you and all your family weather the storm.

  3. Your CW block reminds me of a childs pinwheel. Like it, great fabric. Now your just showing off with all that math---lol. Stay safe.

  4. i hope you and your loved ones continue to be safe, Freda!
    All the math and extra calculations were worth it in your CW block, that wavy print looks like it was made for a block such as that, no kiddin'! Great work ~

  5. The wavy fabric looks perfect - you made the right choice. Glad to hear all is well on the home front!