Sunday, November 24, 2013

Starry Quilt Sandwich

Since finishing the doll beds & linens, I've been tackling some neglected household tasks but this morning, I got back to the quilty world.

The plan for today is to get this sandwich pinned and otherwise ready to quilt!  

Monday, November 18, 2013

Doll Bed Quilts

These aren't actually quilts... more like a coverlet with a quilt-type top.  After making the quilt tops, I used a double flannel as lining, top-stitching the opening and edges all the way round.

While I was dreaming up this idea for Christmas gifts for my granddaughters, I thought it would be cute if I could find some tiny teddy bears or other stuffed animal to put on the beds.   When I stopped by Hobby Lobby after work Friday to pick up the eyelet ruffle, I came across teddy bear Christmas ornaments!

I cut off the gold cord hangers, the cheap ribbon bows, the price tags ($1.77 each!) and the materials tags.  I did replace the ribbon bows with a nicer quality ribbon and set the teddy bears up against the pillows.  Perfect!

I'm now done with the doll beds and am resisting (so far) making crochet afghans for the foot of the beds.   Yes, I am totally nutso...    ;)

I still have to make nightgowns for the grandgirls' dolls....  and, if I feel industrious, I'll make matching slippers.   We'll see...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Linens for Doll Beds

I may not have been sewing during the work week but I was planning... so the bed linen-making went smoothly yesterday afternoon.

I added straps with velcro that go underneath the bed so the mattresses won't slip... or slide off the bed.

The straps also hold the "sheet" on the mattress... I didn't want to mess with elastic.  With this arrangement, if the sheets become dirty, they can be removed and washed.

The quilt tops are made... now, to turn them into quilts!   Almost done.....

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Doll Bed Mattresses

Now that the doll beds are painted and dry, it's time for mattresses!  Since the beds are simple with no side "rails"...  I opted for a foam mattress so that it would sit squarely on top.  I had some foam on hand and... since it wasn't 20" long, I cut two pieces for each bed.

I didn't worry about attaching the two pieces of foam because I had decided to cover the mattress.   The yellow of the foam is less than attractive for bedding imho... so a cover would take care of both issues.

I cut two pieces of batting 20" x 21" and wrapped the batting around the foam...

...and whip-stitched the edges together.   I folded the ends of the batting like you would wrap a package and whip-stitched those together.

Much nicer than just the bare foam, yes?  It took about 30 minutes to cut the batting and cover the foam for both beds....  didn't even finish up a cuppa coffee while I was doing this.

Next up will be sheets with attached dust ruffles and pillows with cases!  

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Non-quilty Project, Day 2

After sanding both beds last night, I applied the final coat of paint this afternoon after it warmed up enough to use the spray paint.  (Photos taken prior to the last coat of paint.)

The knobs are on the bed posts but not pushed down... I needed them higher so I could paint between the knob and the base.   I'll push them down once the final coat of paint dries.

While waiting for it to warm up today, I started on one of the quilt tops...

Methinks, I'll just line them with white flannel so the "quilts" will drape better.  Then, I just need to make the mattresses and pillows!

Monday, November 11, 2013

A Non-quilty Project

I took a short break from quilting to start a Christmas project for my granddaughters.  You may remember the matching sun dresses I made last summer for the girls and their dolls.

The girls love playing with these dolls and I thought they might like beds for their babies to sleep in.  I was able to find sturdy, unfinished beds for these 18" dolls by Acraftersnook (link) on Etsy.  All the finished beds were a bit pricey, especially since I needed two of them.  Plus they usually came with some butt-ugly "bed linens"... and we can't be having that.

These beds can be used singly or... they come with pegs that will turn them into bunk beds if the girls want to do that.  

Photo blatantly swiped from Acraftersnook (link) on Etsy
I picked out spray paint because I'm lazy that way.... and the paint came with primer included.  I have to say the new type tops (twist to open and close) makes spray painting much easier on your index finger because the "button" is wider.  The shell/top also prevents paint getting on your finger as well.  

It took a number of coats to cover the bare wood but... I had all day to paint.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

With many thanks to all who have served and are serving our country...

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Quilt Top Finished

I finished assembling the plaid stars quilt top yesterday afternoon and took a photo to share...  sorry the colors are so faded but you'll get the idea...

The outer border is a small navy and tea-dye check... hard to see...  looks almost like stripes in some areas of the border.

Next up...  le quilt sandwich!  Then, on to quilting...  hally-ho!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Block Assembly

The background fabric came in yesterday and I've set aside today to sew all the star blocks together during breaks from housework/laundry.   Long breaks...   *wink*

I calculated the setting triangles according to a method found online and then...  I found an online calculator that does the math for you HERE (link)!  I'm pleased to say that my math figuring came out exactly like the calculator... and, after cutting and beginning to sew...  the setting triangles are working perfectly.

Happy Saturday sewing...

Monday, November 4, 2013

Today's post.... brought to you by my sweet granddaughter who just finished up her soccer season this past weekend.

Don't ya just love grandmas with photos?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Twelve Blocks

Despite a touch of some bug/flu, I felt up to a little sewing and managed to finish the last couple of blocks of the plaid stars quilt top-to-be.

The blocks are not in their final arrangement... I already see a couple I'd like to move around.   Now... off to compute the setting the cutting sizes of the edge triangles.