Sunday, August 21, 2011

Made Fabric Project

Miki Willa of Miki's Fabric Creations does some pretty cool stuff!  One of the things she does is to make fabric where she sews scraps together and then makes blocks and appliques from the made fabric.

Made fabric by Miki Willa

While clearing my cutting table of all the fabric scraps yesterday afternoon, I had an IDEA!  Of course, the IDEA had nothing to do with what I had planned to do... but you all are familiar with my quilter's ADHD, yes?

I pulled out fabric scraps from Grandbaby Quilt #5 to make fabric...  and started sewing the scraps together...

...trimming selvedges as I went.

Then, I pulled out some batting remnants and zigzagged them together...

Next, I did a little simple quilting to hold the two layers together...

...then trimmed the quilted made fabric to be appx 1/4" larger than the composition notebook on all four sides when opened out flat.

I found a letter "C" online and printed out a copy to trace.  I did not have any "Love U" fabric large enough to use so pulled an orange print from the scrap bin.  I cut the letter out using my pinking shears and, and after ironing the letter onto the cover, I top-stitched the "C" down.

Using more of the scrap fabrics, I made two panels to make inside pockets in which to put the cardboard covers of the composition book.

I pinned these pockets to the cover and then added two small strips of fabric on the top and bottom in the middle to create a lining so the raw edge would not show once the cover was on the composition book.

After everything was pinned down, I sewed around the outer edges appx 1/4" from the edge.

I sewed at an angle on the corners and, once finished sewing, clipped the corners.

Turned everything inside out...

...stuffed the cardboard leaves of the composition book into the pockets...

...and pulled the pockets all the way onto the composition book.

The fit is snug but not tight.

The open section is covered but, if you prefer, you could just stitch this down so that the raw edges won't work themselves out.

Of course, I had to make a composition book cover for C's sister...

...using an orphan block from E's Grandbaby Quilt #4... the largest pieces of fabric I used was for the initials on the cover, the rest were scraps.

School starts later in the coming week so these will go in the mail on Monday.

One good thing about these covers is that they are, of course, machine washable.  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Made fabric BOM at 15 minutes play!


  1. Girl, you have so much creativity! This is another really cute project, I'm loving those initials ~

  2. Very clever! Why does my quilting ADHA not produce such results?

  3. I love your notebook covers! They are Darling! And Cute as they can be.
    My box of batting and fabric scraps was running over. So the last week found me piecing the batting and fabric scraps to making pot holders/hot pads for gifts and to replace all my old stained and scorched pot holders/hot pads.

  4. Those are great notebook covers. C and E are going to love them.

  5. Genius! A loving idea, and they're beautiful too.

  6. This morning you amaze me! What grand creativity. I love it. How sweet you are, too. Beautiful colors and beautiful you.

  7. These are adorable - I love giving these covered notebooks as gifties - but had not done the initial on them. I am sure to be stocking up on the books with back to school sales!!!

  8. Thank you for a timely idea! What a great back to school gift for the kids on my list!

  9. The notebook covers turned out great. I am sure the grandkids will love them.

  10. I have been looking for fun projects for my batting scraps and this is perfect. Also, I found your blog through a post of Cynthia's. Lots of great ideas here!

  11. What, no time for letter 'M'?

  12. Welcome to another dark side. I love making fabric and am enjoying the BOM from 15 Minutes Play.

    Now you can join in the fun.

    I love your projects. Hugs

  13. I love these journal covers! I am going to make some so I can keep my journals organized. Have fun making fabric. It is a wonderful way to use those small scraps without having to trim them all into nice little squares and triangles. Thanks for the link to my blog. You rock.

  14. Love those covers!!! and the colors in your 15 minutes of play!!!

  15. I've been wanting to do covers just like these! Thanks for great directions..would love it if you'd link it up with Eat, Grow, Sew at!

  16. What a great idea, I hope my girls won't see it because I'm afraid that I can make them for all the books they get this schoolyear.
    Greatings Roos