Civil War Blocks

Barbara Brackman is commemorating the sesquicentennial of the American Civil War with a block-of-the-week along with history of the conflict.

I got a late start (June) and am playing catch-up.  These are the ones I've done to date.  I'll be adding as I get the blocks completed.

1. Catch Me if You Can

2.  North Star

3.  Seven Sisters - I've decided not to make this applique block... or any other applique block in this series.  I can do applique but don't care for it and would like to focus on pieced blocks for this quilt.  I need 48 blocks for a large throw size quilt and there will be 52 blocks in the series so I have some wiggle room if any more applique blocks show up.

4.  Tears for Texas

5.  Kansas Troubles

6.  Richmond

7.  Log Cabin

8.  Cotton Boll

9.  Birds in the Air

10.  Lincoln's Platform

11.   London Square

12.   Louisiana

13.   Little Blue Basket

14.   Fox & Geese

15.   Fort Sumter

16.   White House

17.   Comfort Quilt

18.   Union Square

19.   Missouri Star

20.   New England

21.  Underground Railroad

22.  Blockade

23.  Illinois Roads

24.  Ladies Aid Album

25.  Calico Puzzle

26. Barbara Fritchie

27.  Irish Chain

28.  Next Door Neighbor

29.  Railroad Crossing

30.  Peterson's Stars and Stripes - Another applique blocks... I'll take a pass on this one!

31.  Empty Spools

32.  Carolina Lily

33. Indiana Puzzle

34:  Rosebud

35:  Star of the West

36:  Kentucky Crossroads

37:  Confederate Rose

38:  Ohio Star

39:  Hovering Hawks

40:  Order Number Eleven 

41:  Red, White, and Blue Star

42:  "H" is for Hospital

43:  Right Hand of Friendship

45. Port and Starboard  (have a thing for HSTs so made two)

46. Apple Tree 

47.  Dixie Tea

48.  West Virginia

49.  Yankee Puzzle

50.  Grapes of Wrath

51:  New York   (decided not to make this one)

52:  Christmas Wreath (or Star)

53:    Union Shield (decided not to make this one too)

Since I have omitted applique blocks and a couple of others, I needed extra blocks for a total of 56 for a 7x8 layout.  These are the ones I've made...

Friend's Star

Grandmother's Fan

Memory Wreath

Sickle variation

Southern Belle

Windmill variation

Scotch Squares (in honor of the folks from Scotland who settled in the Sandhills of NC)

And... drum roll please.... the blocks all together...