Sunday, August 14, 2011

Quilty Birthdays

I enjoyed a wonderful birthday weekend with my sisters, niece, and my daughter and her family.  I may need a vacation to recoup!  My baby sister said that "time" the best of all gifts... and time was in abundance these past few days... time to visit, talk, reminisce... and just hang out.  My daughter commented that when we have the big family get-togethers, you get to visit with a lot of people for a little while... and how nice it was to be able to visit with a few family members a lot.   I feel the same way...

My sister Carol was surprised and pleased with her new quilt... an early birthday present.

...and we were able to discuss our mutual love of blue-and-white.  My sister Eleanor looked through quilt magazines and talked about what she liked and didn't like... so I have some idea where to go with her quilt.

I received a couple of squishies...   one from my friend Chris who sent this lovely fabric roll...  note the metal and enamel charm... on the back is the quilt shop's name and number.

I'm already planning on how to use these pretty fabrics... I have a thing for purple, don't you know!

My friend Deborah gave me an assortment of purple fat quarters...

...since she knows about the dearth of purples in my stash!

Another surprise arrived in the mail on my birthday... it was from a old friend with whom I reconnected via Blog-land.   Cynthia (Sea of Glass Lampwork) plays with fire and makes the most beautiful glass beads and pendants... and, using the grandbaby quilts I made last year for inspiration... she created these beads from which she made me a lovely and meaningful bracelet....

....accompanied by a quilty card!

I can't imagine a more wonderful birthday weekend...  family and friends are just THE BEST!   Of course, the birthday celebration continues next weekend because my son and his family are coming to visit!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The monthly Friday Night Sew In is this coming Friday and sign-ups are open.  Don't miss the fun... and enjoy seeing everything folks are working on the next day!

I may have to  do my FNSI sewing on Thursday evening since I will have guests on Friday evening.


  1. A wonderful birthday, lucky you that has so many people that love you. Count me in as your friend also, Happy Birthday again.

  2. Happy birthday dear friend! So glad you had a wonderful weekend.

  3. Nothing but the best for the Empress of the Universe on her birthday! ; )
    Didn't know you had a purple fixation. Any purple or bright purples, dark and grayed purples--what?
    That bracelet is so gorgeous. What a special gift--your friend has quite a talent! And what a cute card!
    Sounds like a great celebration with loved ones. Congrats, Freda!

  4. That sounds to me as a great birthdayweekend. And all those beautiful gifts you've got...enjoy it all.
    Greetings, Roos

  5. Glad to hear you had such a nice birthday weekend. Love your gifts. I bet your sister will treasure the blue and white quilt, which turned out great btw!

    Thanks for the reminder about FNSI. I missed it last month. I will probably work on binding my Kaleidoscope quilt... finally!

  6. Happy Birthday there friend!!! What great fabrics you got, too. And oh that bracelet. WWWOOOWWWWW!!!!

  7. Lovely gifts given and received! I also think that the gift of time is one of the most important gifts of all. Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday dear friend. What a wonderful time you had. You are very lucky to be so close to your sisters. Hugs

  9. Treasure of family and quilty things on your birthday, what could be better?!
    Love those purples! And thanks for the shout-out ;-)

  10. Sounds like your weekend was wonderful!! Beautiful goodies!!

  11. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. It's good to spend it with family and friends and catch up....The blue and white quilt is great and I'm glad she liked it. That bracelet is beautiful. It's so nice to have good friends. I hope you have a great time this weekend too. Have fun!

  12. That does sound like a wonderful birthday. I'm really impressed by the bracelet and card and the bracelet in a professional box, too. You are one lucky Empress!

  13. BEAUTIFUL bracelet! Lovely fabrics. Yum. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday weekend.

  14. Looks like you were gifted some fabulous things. Isn't it fun when your friends know you so well?

  15. Since I know you understand... I'm really fighting the urge to jump on the 36 patch quilt along over at Crazy Mom Quilts.... even though I haven't even finished the last quilt along I did. I love the way the 36 patch looks!!!

    Hope your busy days are going good with the new school year and all.


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