Friday, August 5, 2011

Brilliant...Just Brilliant!

I was doing some blog-reading this morning and found some incredible information on the Happy Cottage Quilter blog that I just had to share with you!  It's brilliant...

Do you know what a "Shape Cut" ruler is?  

I have one... used it to cut the fringe edges of the no-sew, knotted fleece blankets.

Photo from the internet

Now... watch this short video about other things you can do with the June Tailor® Shape Cut™ Ruler!

If you can cut 2" squares....  you can cut 5" charm squares as well!   And diamonds!  And hexies!  My ole brain is racing with the possibilities!

And you know something.... one of the things I was going to do this morning was cut the Cowabunga Floribunda fabrics into strips.   Methinks, I'll be pulling out my June Tailor® Shape Cut™ Ruler.

Thank you for sharing this great info, Happy Cottage Quilter!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A Blog-iversary Give-away!

Linda of Stray Stitches is having a fabulous give-away in celebration of her first year of blogging!  Me, I want to win those Ty Pennington fabrics.....  very cool!

 Photo swiped from Stray Stitches blog!

The give-away ends Sunday, August 14th... so be sure to check it out!


  1. When I posted about working on my Floribunda I also demonstrated using the Shape Cut ruler. I love it!

  2. Well that's amazing. I have been cutting strips with it for years. Never gave a thought to what else I could do with it. Thanks for sharing. Hummmmmmmm

  3. Great instructional vid! The ruler looks like a huge time and hand saver! And oh, I see your new Faviocon, it rocks!

  4. The June Tailor Shape Cut works great. I have two, but use the smallest one most of all, don't know why, but that is the one I grab.

  5. YOU are brilliant for posting this video. I've had the Shape cutter for a while and never used it. you can bet I will now!!

  6. I will have to remember this! Have a happy Saturday of sewing!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing this info. I have seen them in the store but never thought about how useful they could be!

  8. LOL, I'm with Tink's Mom, I've had my Shape Cut Ruler for years (it was the first ruler I bought for quilting!) and never thought of making other shapes with it! Thanks for sharing the video :)

  9. This post reminded me that I had one of these gizmos. I was cutting charm packs into 1-1/2" squares the other day and then remembered your post. I ran to the basement with my charm squares. The squares were cut in just a few minures. Thank you, thank you!