Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Two Mini Blocks

I have been industrious and can now see the tops of both tables that were piled with miscellaneous sewing-related stuff that needed to be organized and put away.  Amazing how much stuff one accumulates...  I won't ever need to buy fabric again...   *lol*

The blocks are 4" square and this mini-piecing requires a lot of squaring up be done.  I supposed the half-square triangles that finish at 1" would really be too small to do without squaring up and cutting down.  It was an adventure to be sure.   

I took two photos... one with flash and one without.  It's gray and the light is poor since has been raining here this afternoon...  while we all keep watch on H. Irma.  (I'm located about where the "m" in "storm" on the 2nd line of the note at the top.)


  1. Your sweet little blocks look great! I am just assembling my top today.
    Oh, I am hoping that storm doesn't stay as strong as anticipated, and that by some miracle its course will shift to do minimal damage!!
    Stay safe!

  2. Stay safe, Dear. Love your blocks.